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best air conditioners to keep cool

4 Types of Air Conditioners Guaranteed to Keep You Cool

Unpredictable weather may be on the cards as a result of global warming. Hot sunny days followed by excessive rain have been a pattern in the UK in recent years. Whilst the UK is renowned for unpredictable weather, it seems like temperature records are getting broken every year. Too much heat is not good for your body and deaths by heatstroke follow hot summers. Official figures show that almost 900 people died in the UK last year from excessive heat.

How can you keep cool? There are lots of ways to keep cool- keep indoors, close curtains in rooms with sunny outlooks, drink plenty of fluids are just some ways. But inside can get warm too. On these days, having the windows open may help but if there is no breeze, life can be uncomfortable. In workplaces, uncomfortable conditions can reduce productivity too. To keep you and your workplace cool, we recommend using a fan or an air conditioner. Air conditioners do more than just move the air and actually keep a room nicely cooled and very comfortable to work or sleep in.


There are different types of air conditioners to choose from. But which one is best for your home or workplace?


There are 4 types of air conditioners that we recommend and we have described how they work and where best to use them.


  1. Evaporative Coolers (sometimes known as swamp coolers) are popular air conditioners as they create a cool breeze into the room where they are installed. They are environmentally friendly as they don’t use refrigerant gas. Hot air is pulled in by a fan and blown over-saturated water pads. Some of the water will evaporate as a result of the influx of hot air, and cooled air is then pushed out into the room. They can work in non-ventilated rooms but are more efficient if vented since hot air will be pushed out of the room and replaced with cooler air. Evaporative coolers work in much the same way as humans do to cool down, in that our bodies sweat to lose heat. Evaporative coolers are very efficient and low cost to run but they need a hot dry climate to perform well. They are portable and ideal for commercial premises such as nightclubs, manufacturing, retail, educational institutions and more.


  1. Portable Air Conditioners– are ideally used for commercial premises but also homes and can easily be moved around. The compressor, condenser and evaporator are all in one unit. They produce a cooling effect utilising a refrigeration cycle with a refrigerant gas such as Freon. Hot air is pulled into the machine, cooled down via the refrigeration cycle and cool air pushed into the room. Excess warm air is then ducted away outside. During the cycle, water is extracted from the air and some of that can be used to cool the machine itself. The rest of the water has to be removed either – ducted out the main vent or through collection in a reservoir. Industrial portable air conditioners such as the SF15 are perfect for cooling server rooms.


  1. Portable Split Air Conditioners are different to portable air conditioners because they consist of two units one inside and one outside, connected via an interconnecting refrigerant or water-filled hose. The compressor and condenser are found on the outside unit, and the evaporator is on the inside unit. They are generally more efficient to operate and quieter than portable air conditioners. Hoses can be extended in many models to make this type of air condition suitable for most buildings. Aesthetics and noise have been a consideration for many leading brands, making this air conditioner ideally suited to office environments and homes.


  1. Mobile Packaged Industrial Air Conditioning Units (MPU Range) are heavy-duty air conditioning units designed to be located outside. They are extremely efficient and quiet and ideally suited for heavy-duty industrial and process applications such as retail outlets and factories. An MPU has four ducts, two that draw the hot air from the building into the air conditioner and the other two ducts which funnel the chilled air back into the building to cool the area.


As you can see, there are types of air conditioner to suit just about any requirement. With the ability to hire or buy an air conditioner, suffering in the heat can be a thing of the past. The team at CAS Hire are always happy to discuss the best air conditioner for your needs and we have great FAQS on air conditioners too.

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