CAS Hire MPU Range (Mobile Packaged industrial air conditioning unit hire)

All of the MPU mobile packaged industrial air conditioner range is designed to be positioned outdoors and circulate temperature controlled air into the target areas. Both models are fitted to custom mounted heavy duty steel frames supported on four pneumatic tyres. This makes them extremely simple to manoeuvre over soft ground and can fit through a standard double door opening.

Perfect for:

  • Computer rooms
  • Open plan offices
  • Call centres
  • Factories
  • Large retail outlets
  • Switch rooms
  • Compressor rooms
  • Heavy duty industrial / process applications.

Good to know:

The down flow types are also designed so that to locate them you simply remove a standard floor tile and position the unit over the opening. The coil is also designed with a high sensible heat ratio to match the requirements of computer rooms.

The MPU units have a minimum hire period of 8 weeks.

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