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A specific type of air conditioner that is used only for extracting moisture is called a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is different from a regular air conditioner. The difference is that both the evaporator and condenser coils are placed in the same air path, and the entire unit is placed in the environment that is intended to be conditioned (in this case dehumidified), rather than requiring the condenser coil to be outdoors.

Having the condenser coil in the same air path as the evaporator coil produces warm, dehumidified air. The evaporator (cold) coil is placed first in the air path, dehumidifying the air exactly as a regular air conditioner does. The air next passes over the condenser coil re-warming the now dehumidified air. Note that the terms “condenser coil” and “evaporator coil” do not refer to the behaviour of water in the air as it passes over each coil; instead they refer to the phases of the refrigeration cycle. Having the condenser coil in the main air path rather than in a separate, outdoor air path (as in a regular air conditioner) results in two consequences – the output air is warm rather than cold, and the unit is able to be placed anywhere in the environment to be conditioned, without a need to have the condenser outdoors.

Unlike a regular air conditioner, a dehumidifier will actually heat a room just as an electric heater that draws the same amount of power (watts) as the dehumidifier. A regular air conditioner transfers energy out of the room by means of the condenser coil, which is outside the room (outdoors). This is a thermodynamic system where the room serves as the system and energy is transferred out of the system. Conversely with a dehumidifier, no energy is transferred out of the thermodynamic system (room) because the air conditioning unit (dehumidifier) is entirely inside the room. Therefore all of the power consumed by the dehumidifier is energy that is input into the thermodynamic system (the room), and remains in the room (as heat)

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Which dehumidifier hire is best suited for my requirements?

Refrigerant versus Desiccant?

Refrigerant dehumidifier hire fleet are ideally suited for sites where quick drying solutions are necessary such as laundry, caravans, domestic properties, quick curing flooring adhesives, plaster or concretes. When hiring a refrigerant dehumidifier for this type of requirement the hirer has better control overseeing the processes is completed carefully reducing risk of potential surface cracking or shrinkage.

Desiccant dehumidifier hire fleet are used mainly in environments such as laboratories, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical production processes where dry conditions are essential as they consistently produce powerful extraction rates at sub zero degrees temperatures. This range are also commonly used where access is restricted for example agricultural and manufacturing storage tanks, and marine settings

Dehumidifier Rental

Customers can rent industrial dehumidifier drying machines for water damage as well as domestic living, commercial or industrial environments. Our rental dryers and dehumidifiers are available in many different sizes and extraction rates. Ventilator fans and carpet industrial dryer fans can also be rented. Ventilator fans increase the air circulation and speed up the drying process.

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