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Emergency Humidity on hand to provide back up support.

CAS-Hire Manchester office win temporary portable humidifier hire contract with large manufacturer based in Humberside whilst repair work is carried out on the new fixed humidity control system by others in a high reliant humidity controlled area.CAS-Hire were able to offer forty (40) temporary evaporative humidifiers to assist maintain an acceptable (RH) Relative humidity whilst the urgent repair works were carried out and provided necessary back up once the main issues had been resolved. This allowed the customer additional [...]

Event Air Con for the Rolling Stones Concert in Edinburgh

When the Rolling Stones come to town we all have to stay cool...and with CAS Hire's Event Air Con solutions, you CAN always get what you want!Mick and the band rolled into Edinburgh to play Murrayfield Stadium on the Scottish section of their No Filter Tour and were met with a glorious start to a Scottish summer with blazing sunshine and searing heat. This could've posed the band an unprecedented issue in remaining to stay cool or alternatively play [...]

Air Conditioning Emergency Hire Solution for Edinburgh Multi Storey Office

When a major real estate management company located in Edinburgh contacted CAS-Hire Air Conditioning Specialists Edinburgh branch in search of some emergency cooling equipment, our specialist team stepped in to make sure their requirement was met.Our clients manage a multi storey luxury office located in the city which had a major chillers failure issue with indefinite timescale outage until specific replacement components were supplied from overseas.With their clients overheating and desperately requiring respite, we were able to assist. Soon [...]

Extra heat in Renfrewshire factory boosts staff morale this winter

Renfrewshire factory boosts staff morale with a little extra heat this winter.CAS Hire Glasgow office provided four (4) of our JH160 Industrial Propane gas jet heaters to a Renfrewshire based factory. In a bid to keep the workforce happy and to keep productivity and morale high the heaters were required to help add heat and lift the chill out of the workplace.As staff are often exposed to outdoor ambient temperature conditions, they required spot heating to allow a [...]

Edinburgh Jewellers take measures to prevent damp

Prestigious Edinburgh city centre jewellers calls on our ever popular Woods 36 Refrigerant Dehumidifier to aid drying out the basement of their up market outlet. CAS-Hire Edinburgh were called to address a long standing issue created by a leaking drainage system out with the popular jewellers. The damp created by the defective drainage system had clearly been a long-standing issue for the damp to penetrate through the vastly thick ancient walls leading into the basement escape route corridors and storage [...]

Dust control management for the Industrial & Construction Industry

CAS-Hire introduce some of our Industrial & Construction dust management system hire fleet. Dust control management systems (Industrial air cleaners) are becoming a lot more common in manufacturing processes and are considered a key device when it comes to achieving the workplace air quality standards set by the HSE Health and Safety Executive guidelines; protecting the employees and reducing site air contamination and emissions. Dust control management with our DCAC Range for hire. Our range of 230v and 110v DCAC500, DCAC1200 [...]

Heating hire keeps printing factory running comfortably through a chilly winter.

When a large printing company in Renfrewshire encountered low ambient temperatures during the chilly winter months of 2017, CAS-Hire Glasgow were contacted and asked to provide suitable equipment to provide a temporary heating hire solution for a large production and warehouse storage area.A reliable and constant supply of heating was needed during the absence of a suitable fixed system, to ensure all ensure the workforce could continue with their high quality production with minimal disruption.A CAS-Hire advisor listened to the [...]

Portable air conditioning early deals for Sheffield Legal eagles

CAS-Hire Manchester recently received an order in March 2017 to supply twelve (12) VC12PT heat pump portable ducted air conditioning units to be provided to a facilities management department of large legal practice in Sheffield.The customer decided to take full advantage of one of our special offers where they can hire the units for a fixed minimum six weeks hire period at our marketed hire rate with carriage charges and we offer them the option to retain the units [...]

Dehumidifiers – which is best suited for my requirement?

Which dehumidifier is best suited for my requirement?  Desiccant or Refrigerant? Dehumidifiers are designed to extract moisture from the air. CAS-Hire currently provides two types which use very different methods to achieve this aim. Option One is the Desiccant dehumidifier and Option Two is the Refrigerant dehumidifier. Desiccant dehumidifier The desiccant version functions by drawing damp air through a rotor wheel containing special moisture absorbent material.Once the moisture is extracted from the air, the dry air is re-circulated back into the enclosed [...]

What is Relative Humidity?

People commonly ask us at CAS-Hire what does Relative humidity or otherwise simply known as (RH) means as it is often mentioned when talking about flood restoration, wet building assessments or when looking at hiring dehumidifiers or humidifiers. Air surrounding us generally contains moisture in the form of water vapour or mist, however we generally do not notice it.  The quantity of moisture held within air depends on the temperature, with cooler air having less moisture than in warmer air.When [...]