Maximising Workplace Comfort: The Power of Combined Climate Control Devices

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Maximising Workplace Comfort: The Power of Combined Climate Control Devices

It is important to invest in your workforce and this has been shown to improve productivity. This may mean annual salary increases, flexible working practices, or making sure that their workplace environment is comfortable. To this end, it may be that investing in climate control devices such as heaters, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, or air cleaners is required to provide your workforce with a pleasant and productive place to work.

Investing in climate control systems comes with a cost, of course, but it is possible to prioritise energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint while maintaining a comfortable environment. To many people, these aspects are becoming more important as our planet warms up and great swings in climate are regular occurrences.

Using climate control equipment in tandem can create more efficiencies in energy and improve air quality for your staff.

Dehumidifiers and Heaters

Dehumidifiers are very energy efficient and can be used in tandem with heaters in areas where there is a tendency for damp and cold. Using a dehumidifier can lower the energy required to heat a space. A dehumidifier will reduce excess moisture in the air, while the heater will maintain warmth, preventing the air from feeling excessively cold and damp. A combination of the two can enhance the environment at a lower cost than simply blasting the air with dry heat.


Air Cleaners and Humidifiers

Combining air cleaners and humidifiers can improve the air quality that your staff is exposed to.  Ensuring the right humidity levels and cleaner air is healthier for many work settings such as doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, and schools. A humidifier will maintain moisture levels and stop the air from becoming too dry. Dry air can cause many problems for people and equipment even in winter when it is cold. An air cleaner working alongside a humidifier can filter out pollutants, allergens, and odours, enhancing overall indoor air quality.


Heater and a Ceiling Fan

Using a heater alongside a ceiling fan can improve the flow of heat around your office or workplace. Warm air will rise but it can be better circulated using a ceiling fan (in reverse mode) which can make the space feel warmer without increasing the heater’s temperature setting. That saves energy although it seems like running two devices would increase costs.


Combining climate control equipment can create efficiencies, conserve energy, and foster better air quality for your workforce. Dehumidifiers working hand-in-hand with heaters optimise warmth while minimising energy consumption, offering a balanced and cost-effective solution. Similarly, operating air cleaners and humidifiers ensure not just the right humidity levels but also cleaner, healthier air for various workplace settings. Even pairing a heater with a ceiling fan might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a smart move to circulate warmth effectively, ultimately saving on energy costs.

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