Heater Hire – Technical Information

Whether you require to heat a room, factory, warehouse or drying out a property or equipment CAS-Hire can help by supplying the latest portable heater hire equipment nationwide.

If you require advice on which portable heater hire options best suit your requirements, call us and one of our specialist advisors will be on hand to happily assist. Its vitally important that you select the appropriate hire equipment to suit your requirements as Health and Safety terms and conditions outline what restriction determine your equipment choices. For example, which heater rental equipment would be considered safe to operate around children, elderly or near flammable materials.

For all your portable heater hire requirements get in touch with CAS Hire.

Types of Portable Heaters for Hire

Electric Heaters

CAS-Hire offers a wide and varied stock of industrial electric heaters available for hire and sales throughout the United Kingdom. Our entry range models start with our compact stylish heater hire fleet which are ideally suitable for office, retail and domestic applications before progressing onto our larger high output heavy duty heater hire range.

Event Hire Heaters

The larger heavy duty heater models are geared towards larger industrial, warehouse and event hire indoor area purposes. Our electric heaters are available in 230v, 110v & 415v electrical power supplies and extend through the following options; fan assisted heaters, oil-filled radiators, convector heaters, quartz infra red heaters and ceramic heaters. Our portable electric heater range is a quick, trouble-free welcome solution to boost your indoor air temperatures.

Direct fired propane gas jet heaters:

Propane Space / Jet heaters from CAS-Hire are highly efficient, sturdy, portable, dual voltage heaters with the purpose of heating large volumetric areas such as construction sites, farm buildings, factories and warehouses which have suitable natural ventilation.

This range of gas heaters must only be used in accordance with adequate permanent outdoor ventilation and NOT used within marquees, where flammable materials are stored or in immediately proximity to people.

Please note:

It is recommended a minimum ventilation requirement of 6.5cm2 per every 293w heat energy input. All direct fired propane space / jet heater operation and gas cylinder storage must be kept  and operated within the 1972 Highly flammable liquids and liquefied gases regulations.

If you need more information about heaters, visit our Heaters FAQs page.

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