Specialist drying equipment – Industrial

Our specialist drying equipment range caters directly towards:

  • Damage restoration companies,
  • Insurance companies,
  • Facilities management companies
  • Construction companies.

This niche range of drying equipment is supplied to dry out property projects. It is particularly geared for dry air injection drying for under floor and cavity wall drying and also concentrated floor and wall surface drying procedures. Our hire stock of Corroventa CTR 150 combi dryers, Drymatic boost box and D2 recirculation air drying machines and mats have worked effectively and energy efficiently for a lot of years. The specialist drying units have been designed and manufactured to withstand the rough and tough handling operating conditions. Our hire fleet have been carefully selected to work in a wide variety of application environments.

If you have an urgent situation for example: flooding, severe weather or water in your property or basement you should urgently begin the drying process as not all water damage results in a disaster. In addition to our industrial dehumidifiers for drying, we also have powerful carpet dryers which can also be used for flood restoration.  All our specialist drying rental machines alongside our fleet of cooling fans, condenser refrigerant dehumidifiers, air dehumidifiers and desiccant adsorption dryers rank among best available in the UK.

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