Industrial Air Conditioner Hire Range –  Portable & Ducted

The SF15, B24 & HSC range of spot-cooling commercial and industrial portable air conditioning units are the economical way to cool people, processes and heat-sensitive equipment – even in high ambient temperatures.

By focusing a stream of refrigerated air directly onto a specific hot spot, these products efficiently reduce air energy costs.

The SF15 & HSC range of industrial air conditioning units are equally effective as spot coolers or air conditioners – cooling personnel, equipment such as servers, or production processes with maximum efficiency.

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Industrial air conditioners are portable and perfect for many commercial applications:

  • Office personnel
  • Computer room servers
  • Kitchens
  • Shops
  • Production lines
  • Laboratories
  • Aviation industry
  • Dealing rooms
  • Banks or government offices
  • Events

Good to know

The cool, dehumidified airstream from these products improves working conditions so that people are more productive and equipment is less susceptible to overheating.

The industrial portable air conditioning units are easily installed, for either temporary or permanent applications.

Industrial Air Conditioner diagram

Commercial Air Conditioners

These commercial portable air conditioners are of high quality and hard-wearing, specially designed for all types of commercial applications.