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Industrial Electric Fan Assisted Heater Hire


CAS Hire Industrial Electric Fan Assisted Heater Hire Range

The WHH and EFA fan-assisted Industrial electric heaters are of sturdy construction and offer constant heat with ease of operation.

All the fan-assisted heaters can also be operated in a fan-only mode, allowing them to be used in the summer as air circulators.

electric fan heater hire

DFE Fan Assisted Electric Heater with ducts. The DFE fan assisted electric heater has a circular fitting on the front, allowing a flexible duct of between five and ten metres to be connected. This feature allows more flexibility in locating the unit.

The DFE is supplied with ducts of up to 10 m long.

Perfect for:

  • Schools
  • Construction Sites
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage Areas
  • Flood damage restoration sites

Electric Fan Assisted Heaters – Technical Information

An electric fan heater is a variety of convection heater that includes an electric fan to speed up the airflow. This reduces the thermal resistance between the heating element and the surroundings, allowing heat to be transferred more quickly.

They operate with considerable noise caused by the fan. They have a moderate risk of ignition hazard in the event that they make unintended contact with furnishings.

This type of heater is a good choice for quick heating of enclosed spaces. These particular heaters range in size from 2.8wk DFE25 or EFA3 with single phase power requirements up to almost 30kw for heavy duty industrial units such as the DFE80 which requires a three phase power supply.

If you want to hire an electric fan heater contact one of our nationwide offices.

For more information about heaters, see our FAQS page.


It is essential to have the right amount of heat to ensure a warm and comfortable environment. To make sure you do this correctly, simply calculate the area to be heated in square metres, and multiply this by the “heat factor” given in the Heater Recommendation Chart opposite.

The result is the total kw required.

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