Portable Air Conditioner Hire

Rent an air conditioner from CAS Hire wherever you are in the UK.  As we have an extensive varied stock of portable air conditioners, CAS-Hire is considered as a UK market-leading supplier of portable air conditioner hire equipment. We cater for long-term and short-term hire applications supplied nationwide on next working day delivery services. Our range covers industrial air conditioners, portable split air conditioners, evaporative coolers, and portable ducted air conditioners. Get in touch for advice on what is the best solution for you.

CAS Hire Air Conditioner Rental offers:

  • Next working day delivery service
  • Sales offices nationwide- London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh
  • Long term hire special offers available
  • Competitive hire rates
  • Skilled staff on hand to guide and assist your equipment selection
  • Plug-in equipment available between 2kw -30kw cooling capacity
  • Equipment available for all applications

CAS Hire also has air conditioners for sale too. For information about air conditioners, see our air conditioning FAQS page

Choosing The Best Air Conditioner – A Guide

Portable Ducted Air Conditioners or Monobloc Air conditioners

These are ideally used for most commercial premises applications due to the ease of manoeuvrability. The compressor, condenser and evaporator are all assembled within one indoor air conditioning unit. The portable ducted air conditioner/monobloc air conditioner range produces a cooling effect utilising a refrigeration cycle with a refrigerant gas such as Freon R290. Hot air is drawn into the air conditioner from within the room, cooled down via the refrigeration cycle and cool air pushed back into the room. Excess warm air is then exhausted through flexible ducts to outdoors or suitable ventilation points. During the refrigeration cycle, water is extracted from the hot air and some of that can be used to cool the machine itself. The rest of the water must be removed either – ducted as moist vapor out of the main vent or through collection in a reservoir. Industrial portable air conditioners such as the HSC2500 and SF15 air conditioners are perfect for cooling server rooms, telecoms rooms or film and media production areas to name but a few. VC12PT portable ducted air conditioners are extremely quiet operation, have great long-term hire special offers available and suitable for most office applications.

Portable Split Air Conditioners

These are different from portable ducted air conditioners because they involve two parts to each air conditioner unit, one section for indoors and one outdoor section. Both sections of the portable split air conditioner range are linked via an interconnecting refrigerant or water-filled flexible hose. The condenser section is found on the outside unit, and the evaporator is on the inside unit. They are generally more efficient to operate and quieter than portable ducted air conditioners. Hoses can be extended in many models to make this type of air condition suitable for most buildings. Aesthetics and noise have been a consideration for many leading brands, making this air conditioner ideally suited to larger offices, event hire marquees, call centres, laboratories, Computer rooms and factory hire applications.

 MPU air conditioner range

These contain the same components you find in a typical split air conditioner system encased in one outdoor standalone box.

The compact industrial heavy-duty air conditioners are designed to combine all air exchanges within one mobile outdoor unit. Each mobile packaged air conditioner rental unit has four flexible ducts. Two ducts are return air ducts that draw the hot air from the specific area into the air conditioner. The other two are supply ducts that provide the chilled air back into the specific area to reduce room temperature.

This type of air conditioner hire unit is extremely quiet in operation. The MPU air conditioner delivers comfort without disrupting your work environment.

Our MPU mobile packaged industrial air conditioner range is designed to be positioned outdoors and circulate temperature-controlled air into the target areas. Our rental fleet is all fitted to custom mounted heavy-duty steel frames supported on four pneumatic tyres. This makes them extremely simple to manoeuvre over soft ground and can fit through a standard double door opening.

Ideal MPU Mobile Package unit air conditioner hire usage in event marquees, factories production lines, large open plan office areas, plant rooms, compressor rooms, film sets, and sporting events.

Evaporative Cooling Air coolers (Not an Air Conditioner)

Sometimes known as swamp coolers, these are a popular economical method to cool air. This type of cooling cannot be mistaken as an air conditioner. They do not use refrigerant gas but use cold water and ice, if possible, to create a cool breeze in the room where they are used. They are environmentally friendly as they don’t use refrigerant gas. Hot air from the room is pulled into the unit by a fan and drawn through honeycomb pads saturated with cold water. Some of the water will evaporate because of the influx of hot air, and cool air is then circulated into the room. We recommend usage of air coolers hire units in well-ventilated rooms to prevent the risk of humidity build-up. Evaporative coolers work in much the same way as humans do to cool down, in that our bodies sweat to lose heat. Evaporative coolers are extremely cost-effective to run but they need a hot dry climate to perform well. They are portable and ideal for commercial premises, warehouses, retail outlets, showrooms, marquee events, factories, educational institutions, games halls, gyms and more. Bear in mind the evaporative cooler rental units are only as efficient as the water temperature held within the units. If the water temperature is allowed to increase to room temperature this reduces the efficiency of the units therefore regular top-ups of water are required to maintain high performance.

Get in touch with CAS-Hire for advice on what is the best solution for you.