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6 Tips to Keep Your Server Room Cool



Server rooms can get very hot, as you might already know. Keeping all that equipment cool is essential in order to keep it in good working condition. After all, if the servers go down, your business is going to be badly affected.

Ideally, your server room should be at a cool and steady temperature. But that’s not always easy to achieve. So follow these tips to keep your server room at a safe temperature and protect the equipment.

1. Use Industrial Air Conditioners

The first and most important step is to use some kind of cooling equipment – ideally by using server room industrial air conditioning.

A portable air conditioning unit can be a good option. Our industrial portable ducted air conditioning units provide cool and dehumidified airstreams. They are easy to install, and the spot-cooling units focus the cool air onto specific areas. They also bring in clean air from outside rather than using recycled air, which is important in times of Covid-19.

One thing to avoid is using domestic air conditioners. These are not suitable for the type of cooling required in server rooms and other commercial settings.

2. Keep the Room Clear

One easy step is to keep the server room clear of other items. Only the critical equipment should be in the room because the presence of other materials will affect the air conditioning.

Look over your server room and clear it of anything that should not be there. If it is not essential, get rid of it. It is not a storage space!

3. Position the Racks Carefully

The racks should be positioned so that they move the hot air away from the cold air. This is easy to do by creating a hot aisle and a cold aisle.

Position the racks so that the hot air is expelled by the equipment in one direction (the hot aisle) and the cold air from the air conditioning comes from the other direction (the cold aisle). That way, the equipment will be cooled more efficiently.

4. Use Low-Energy Lighting

Incandescent lights release a lot of heat energy, and while it may only make a small difference to the temperature, it’s still important to reduce the heat from lights to help keep the server room cool. It’s therefore better to use fluorescent lights or LED lights in the server room.

5. Use Blanking Panels

Where there are spaces between the server racks, install some blanking panels so the hot air does not get trapped in them. Have a look over your server room and if you find any spaces, fill them with blanking panels. It’s simple to do, but it can make a big difference.

6. Seal the Room Properly

Cooling the server room properly means it should be sealed properly. Check the doors and windows, and also check for cracks in the walls. If you find any gaps or cracks, repair them to prevent the cool air escaping.

Keep Your Server Room Cool

Make sure your server room stays at a cool and even temperature by following these tips. While many of these are quick and easy to apply, they will make a big difference when it comes to keeping your server room cool, reducing the risk of essential equipment overheating.

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