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  • Blueair 200 Classic Air Purifier

    The all new Wi-Fi enabled production of our 200 series classic air purifier is great for small rooms. A modernised new digital display allows you to fully monitor and control the air you breathe.The new Blueair Classic 200 series is lightweight and is easily manoeuvred around your home or workplace.
    £315.83 ex. VAT.
  • Blueair 405 Classic Air Purifier

    Our new Blueair 405 Classic air purifier brought to you by CAS-Hire present tried and tested solutions for a healthier life for you, your family or work colleague.Designed for medium-sized rooms, the Blueair Classic 405 is a excellent product choice for those who have allergies, asthma, respiratory issues or live or work in areas with poor air quality.
    £415.83 ex. VAT.
  • Blueair 605 Air Purifier

    Do you spend most of your time in a large living space or indoor workplace? If you require an air purifier powerful enough to manage larger rooms we recommend the Blueair Classic 600 series. The discreetly powerful air cleaner introduces cleaner, healthier indoor air solutions to a variety of spaces.
    £607.50 ex. VAT.
  • DCAC 500 Industrial Air Cleaner

    The DCAC500 Industrial Air cleaner is well made, compact and of strong construction with a performance capacity of 500m3/h which makes it one of our most popular single phase industrial air cleaners in our fleet and offers an extremely efficient way of reducing dust in the workplace or home.
    £799.00 ex. VAT.
  • DCAC 1200 Industrial Air Cleaner

    CAS-Hire's DACA1200 is mid range portable, tough and high effective air cleaner which works ideally in between performance levels of the DCAC500 and DCAC2000.
    £1,650.00 ex. VAT.
  • DCAC 2000 Industrial Air Cleaner

    The DCAC 2000 Industrial Air cleaner is well made, strong and compact with a performance capacity of 1800m3/h making it one of the most impressive single phase air cleaners in our fleet.This particular unit is ideal for hospitals, factory processes, computer rooms, standards / calibration rooms and large open plan office areas whilst undergoing construction works or simply enhancing air quality within your working environment.
    £2,100.00 ex. VAT.