CAS Hire Refrigerant Dehumidifier Hire

CAS provides a range of dehumidifiers to deal with a wide variety of moisture-related problems in the domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

A dehumidifier is made extremely versatile by the fact that it requires no ventilation – it does not need to be connected to a door or window. As a result it can be used anywhere and any time.

Perfect For:

  • Flood restoration projects
  • Hairdressing salons
  • Damp climates
  • Hot and humid climates – this would be for comfort because they reduce the humidity which causes discomfort (just as a regular air conditioner, but without cooling the room)


The greatest attraction of a dehumidifier must be that it can remove three times as much moisture as a heater, for the same energy costs.

In the commercial and industrial worlds a dehumidifier can be of huge benefit to an employer, as it reduces costs due to condensation damage and promotes a healthy atmosphere amongst the workforce, which can only increase their productivity.

The performance of all units is significantly enhanced while the dehumidifier unit’s Carpet Dryer is activated.

Refrigerant Dehumidifier hire /Building dryer hire

Our comprehensive yet varied range of dehumidifiers, building dryers and specialist property drying hire equipment extract moisture in many ways.

Our Refrigerant dehumidifiers hire range from compact domestic laundry dryers. The Woods MRD range are commonly used in domestic flood applications, caravans, boats, laundry rooms and hair dressing salons preventing condensation building up on display windows.

Our next stage of dehumidifier rental performance units are the Master DH732, Dri-eaz BD600, Woods 36 DS36pro units. This range tackle drying large domestic flooding, retail outlets stock rooms, carpet shampooing, light commercial applications, laboratories, wet trades such as plastering, painting wallpapering and are generally one of our most popular dehumidifier hire units.

Woods DS dehumidifiers produce high-performance extraction rates within UK conditions, variable humidistat and are compact easily manoeuvrable dryers available nationwide on next working day delivery.
The largest range in our refrigerant dehumidi
fier equipment includes BD1000, Woods 40, The Cube, Woods WCD6HG and the new Environmentally friendly EcoDry 380 models which operate using refrigerant R290.

Our industrial range of units can be supplied in dual voltage models suitable for construction sites and units with inbuilt water pumps and 20m drainage hoses that can be routed to a suitable drainage points which enables the units to be left to operate continuously without requiring to empty water containers daily. The heavy duty powerful building dryers are all metal cased with large wheels to allow for simple mobility and produce some of the highest portable dehumidifier extraction rates available in the UK.

The Industrial units are commonly used in the following applications, Building drying, Flood and fire insurance reinstatements, printers, storage facilities, electrical switch rooms, tank drying, agricultural stock storage, classic vehicle storage, museums, art galleries, construction sites, manufacturing processes. Ideally for best extraction results our refrigerant dehumidifier range should operate within temperatures between 5 – 32 degrees Celsius.

All units are reliable, safe to use, easy to install and fully portable.

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