Gas Heater Range at CAS Hire

Portable Gas Fired heaters are designed to provide large volumes of instant controllable heat.

Gas heaters can range from the office friendly butane fired Cabinet Heater (CH11) or alternatively Industrial Propane Jet heaters.

Gas heaters perfect for:

  • Well ventilated industrial Spaces
  • Construction Sites
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Education
  • Schools (CH11 only)
  • Small offices (CH11 only)
  • Shops (CH11 only)
  • Event Heater Hire

Event Heater Hire

gas heater hire for events

Good to know:

gas heater hire The Butane fired portable heaters (CH11) provide safe, controllable heat. Cabinet heaters like the CH11 do not need a mains power supply and their compact size and ease of mobility make them a popular temporary heating hire solution for many applications including schools, small offices, and shops.

The Industrial range offer propane fuelled radiant plaque heater, space heater or Jet heaters which also require electric power to operate the fan. The industrial range offer a robust, highly efficient and cost effective range of heaters suitable for a wide variety of well ventilated areas including construction sites, factories and warehouses.


It is essential to have the right amount of heat to ensure a warm and comfortable environment. To make sure you do this correctly, simply calculate the area to be heated in square metres, and multiply this by the “heat factor” given in the Heater Recommendation Chart opposite. The result is the total kw required.