Beat the Heat Exactly Where You Need It: Portable Ducted Air Conditioner Hire

Portable ducted air conditioners offer a powerful and targeted solution. Here at CAS Hire, we provide a comprehensive selection of top-quality portable ducted AC units available for hire, ensuring you achieve exceptional cooling comfort wherever it's needed most.

Choose CAS Hire for:

  • Unbeatable Selection: We boast a vast inventory of portable air conditioners, from compact units ideal for a single room to powerful models capable of cooling down an entire office or event space.
  • Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable staff aren't simply taking orders. They're here to guide you towards the ideal portable air conditioner for your space. From size and cooling capacity to noise level, they'll consider all factors to ensure a successful rental experience.
  • Nationwide Delivery: We deliver your chosen portable air conditioner directly to your doorstep, anywhere in Britain
  • Flexible Rental Options: Need a portable air conditioner for just a week or the entire season? We offer flexible rental periods to suit your specific needs and budget.
  • Reliable Equipment & Exceptional Service: We take pride in maintaining a fleet of high-quality portable air conditioners that are regularly serviced and inspected for optimal performance.

By choosing CAS Hire for your portable air conditioner rental, you're guaranteed the best possible selection, service, and value for your money.

Range of Portable Ducted AC Units for Hire


How Portable Ducted Air Conditioners Cool the Air Easily

Simple design and innovative technology make this range of portable ducted air conditioning units the ideal solution for ensuring that offices and commercial premises are kept cool and comfortable. The air cooling units in this range are very quiet and mounted on castors.

Targeted Cooling: The flexible hose (around 1.4 metres long) can be vented outside through a door, wall, or window, allowing the unit to expel hot air. This targeted approach ensures cooler air stays inside the space you're using the unit in.

User-Friendly Controls: Portable ducted air conditioners prioritise user comfort with features like:

  • Two-Speed Fan: Choose the airflow level that best suits your needs, from a gentle breeze to a more powerful cool down.
  • Adjustable Grille: Direct the cool air flow precisely where you need it most for maximum comfort.
  • Automatic Temperature Control: Set your desired temperature and the built-in thermostat will manage the cooling process for you.
  • Timer Function: Schedule your portable air conditioner to turn on and off at specific times, ensuring efficient operation and potentially lower energy costs.

Clean Air Circulation: Most portable ducted air conditioners have a washable filter. This filter helps trap dust and allergens circulating in the air, promoting cleaner and fresher air within the cooled space.

Simple Setup and Power: Portable ducted air conditioners are designed for easy use. They typically connect to a standard 13A power supply, eliminating the need for complex electrical installations. Additionally, the flexible hose allows for various venting options through doors, walls, or windows, offering installation flexibility.

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