CAS Hire Portable Ducted Air Conditioner Range

Simple design and innovative technology make this range of portable ducted air conditioning units the ideal solution for ensuring that offices and commercial premises are kept cool and comfortable.The air cooling units in this range are very quiet and mounted on castors.

Perfect for:

  • Offices
  • Commercial premises

Good to know

Portable Ducted Air Conditioner

All air conditioners are equipped with a two-speed fan and adjustable grille.

Temperature is controlled automatically by a built-in thermostat.

A timer switches the unit on and off at intervals determined by the user, while a washable filter ensures the room is kept clean and fresh.

A 1.4 m (55″) flexible hose connects the rear of the unit to outside air by means of a door, wall or window.

A round or “slot” aperture can be formed .

Each unit runs from a standard 13A power supply.

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