CAS Hire Oil Filled Radiators & Convection Heater Range

These attractive, stylish heaters are ideal for the domestic and commercial environment. An adjustable thermostat ensures the room is kept at the desired temperature at all times.

Both units are equipped with a variety of heat settings. If the room temperature should fall below 5ºC, automatic frost protection will prevent any damage from occurring.

Perfect for:

  • Closed Spaces
  • Small Offices
  • Chilly Hospital Wards
  • Draughty Classrooms
  • Retail Outlets
  • Hotel Environments


It is essential to have the right amount of heat to ensure a warm and comfortable environment. To make sure you do this correctly, simply calculate the area to be heated in square metres, and multiply this by the “heat factor” given in the Heater Recommendation Chart opposite.The result is the total kw required.

Convection Heaters – Technical Information

In a CVH2 convection heater, the heating element heats the air next to it by conduction. Hot air is less dense than cool air, so it rises due to buoyancy, allowing more cool air to flow in to take its place. This sets up a constant current of hot air that leaves the appliance through vents and heats up the surrounding area. They are ideally suited for heating a closed space. They operate silently and have a lower risk of ignition hazard in the event that they make unintended contact with furnishings compared to radiant electric heaters. This is a good choice for long periods of time or if left unattended. They are very safe heaters and there is a very low chance of getting burned.


Oil Filled Radiators – Technical Information

The most obvious reason to hire an oil filled radiator OFR2 heater is for safety and a silent operation. These heaters operate by warming up a heat-conserving oil inside the heater. Then it circulates the oil throughout the coils and fins of the radiator to heat them. Those coils and fins radiate the heat into the rest of the room through convection. Cold air is warmed by the heat radiating from the fins of the heater and the warmed air rise’s drawing in the air below it which is usually colder than the air above and the process repeats. Since it does not have fans to move the air around the radiator is silent. These radiators are perfect for chilly office’s or wards. They spot heat anywhere, and can be very compact. Some are light in weight, letting you place them anywhere where you need a little bit more heat. Another important thing about the oil filled radiators is that they only take 40 watts of power to run so you could plug them into the same circuit as your computer. The area of heat our radiator heaters can warm range from 150 square feet to an area as small as 40 square feet.

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