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Proven Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Cool in a Heatwave

Recent summers in the UK have been getting hotter. In fact, this year in 2022, a record was broken: for the first time on record, temperatures in the UK have exceeded 40°C.   Trying to sleep when the temperature is high is difficult. During this last hot spell, temperatures of 25 degrees were recorded during the night and with heat like that, trying to stay cool enough to sleep is challenging. Our bodies are used to cooling down in...

CAS-Hire Keeps Growing Oxford Laboratory Cool With Air coolers

Oxford-based diagnostic healthcare technology manufacturer request CAS-Hire to assist in finding an economical solution to reduce laboratory test area temperatures, improve air circulation, and add humidity in a particularly dry environment. The Laboratory test areas producing the very latest healthcare diagnostic technology accommodate approximately thirty to forty staff each with various electronic test apparatus generating heat. The lab currently has a standard air conditioning system already in place however as the laboratory increased production the air conditioning not only struggled to...

Summer On The Horizon: Think About Hiring From Our Wide Range of Air-Con products!

Warmer days are incoming. Perhaps you are planning some work events or maybe your warehouse or factory doesn’t fare well in the heat. We have the solution to make the summer as smooth and cool as possible for you. A comfortable environment for your workforce is very important and productivity is linked to comfortable working environments without temperature extremes. It is therefore important to adapt and work with the seasons to make your office, warehouse or factory space the perfect temperature...

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