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Edinburgh Jewellers take measures to prevent damp

Prestigious Edinburgh city centre jewellers call on our ever-popular Woods 36 Refrigerant Dehumidifier to aid in drying out the basement of their upmarket outlet. CAS-Hire Edinburgh was called to address a long-standing issue created by a leaking drainage system out with the popular jewellers. The damp created by the defective drainage system had clearly been a long-standing issue for the damp to penetrate through the vastly thick ancient walls leading into the basement escape route corridors and storage areas. Jeweller's staff noticed...

Dehumidifiers – which is best suited for my requirement?

Which dehumidifier is best suited for my requirement?  Desiccant or Refrigerant? Dehumidifiers are designed to extract moisture from the air. CAS-Hire currently provides two types which use very different methods to achieve this aim. Option One is the Desiccant dehumidifier and Option Two is the Refrigerant dehumidifier. Desiccant dehumidifier The desiccant version functions by drawing damp air through a rotor wheel containing special moisture absorbent material. Once the moisture is extracted from the air, the dry air is re-circulated back into the enclosed area...

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