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Emergency Humidity on hand to provide back up support.

CAS-Hire Manchester office win temporary portable humidifier hire contract with large manufacturer based in Humberside whilst repair work is carried out on the new fixed humidity control system by others in a high reliant humidity controlled area.CAS-Hire were able to offer forty (40) temporary evaporative humidifiers to assist maintain an acceptable (RH) Relative humidity whilst the urgent repair works were carried out and provided necessary back up once the main issues had been resolved. This allowed the customer additional [...]

Lisburn Belfast Museum

CAS - Hire Glasgow supplied XH16 humidifiers to successfully support specialist historical museum artefacts in Lisburn, Belfast. The XH16 was requested due to its large water storage reservoir facility excellent output and low running noice. The stylish and simple to operate humidifiers which maintained a comfortable relative humidity (RH) allowed the collection to be protected from extreme conditions created by air conditioning amongst other contributing factors.The XH16 high capacity humidifiers can maintain rooms up to 1000m3. Each system can produce [...]