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Regulating humidity in Glasgow Theatre

CAS-Hire wins a contract to supply XH16 evaporative humidifiers to a theatre in Glasgow City centre to regulate a comfortable relative humidity (RH) to preserve and maintain the operating conditions within an orchestra pit. Moisture can evaporate from the theatre air within a general air conditioned environment or by dry heat produced from theatre heating including large quantities of stage lighting which can create a delicate balancing act for the musicians and vocalists to maintain the optimum instrument operating levels [...]

Controlling humidity in large scientific research facility

CAS-Hire's London office recently won a contract to supply fifteen (15) XH16 evaporative humidifiers to a large scientific research facility in Didcot, Oxfordshire The laboratory facility monitors a wide spectrum of subject matter ranging from engineering and pioneering technology, treatments for bacterial diseases and a vast range of new medicines.In all of these research applications maintaining specific humidity control is an extremely important part of the procedure.CAS-Hire stock a large quantity of units and can supply a wide range of [...]

CAS Hire win temporary Air Con Contracts

CAS-Hire Glasgow win temporary air conditioning hire contract with large manufacturer whilst they get fixed air conditioning upgrade carried out by others in a high dependency area. CAS-Hire are happy to offer temporary temperature and humidity control solutions to all air conditioning companies or businesses having permanent installation fit outs or upgrades. On this occasion CAS-Hire are providing two (2) of our PWCSA 50, each with a 15kw cooling capacity split type air conditioning systems, along with four of our [...]

Lisburn Belfast Museum

CAS - Hire Glasgow supplied XH16 humidifiers to successfully support specialist historical museum artefacts in Lisburn, Belfast. The XH16 was requested due to its large water storage reservoir facility excellent output and low running noice. The stylish and simple to operate humidifiers which maintained a comfortable relative humidity (RH) allowed the collection to be protected from extreme conditions created by air conditioning amongst other contributing factors.The XH16 high capacity humidifiers can maintain rooms up to 1000m3. Each system can produce [...]

Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena

CAS-Hire would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the Executive Hire News team for arranging a very good list of exhibitors and producing a thoroughly enjoyable Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 11th-12th February 2015.Our representatives held encouraging discussions with a number of supplier importers and fully expect to introduce a varied selection of new interesting products to our ever growing hire fleet of air quality improvement products this year.CAS also [...]