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Air conditioning from CAS-Hire will keep your staff & machinery cool

CAS-Hire Manchester win industrial portable ducted air conditioning hire contract with a large pharmaceutical factory in North Wales to maintain a comfortable steady working environment temperature for the start of summer 2016. On this occasion CAS-Hire were required to provide four (4) of our HSC3500 Industrial Portable ducted air conditioning units each with a 7.3kw cooling capacity.Our HSC3500 models produce 7.3kw of cooling from a single phase 230v 13 amp or 16amp electrical power socket /supply. This extremely popular unit [...]

CAS-Hire improves air quality for working environment at luxury car manufacturer

CAS-Hire Manchester were able to provide an air cleaning hire solution to help manage and extract unwelcome odours created within the factory location penetrating into office environments. The specialist 650e air cleaner with smoke stop carbon filters were hired as they utilize two types of sensors to help combat the pollutants. The 650e uses ceramic and laser sensors designed to detect gas odours and harmful particulate levels and reduce energy usage.  The Auto setting function manages to detect the various [...]