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Post-Flood Recovery: Using Dehumidifiers to Restore Your Home

This week's News brought reports of extensive flooding in South West England, marking yet another devastating episode caused by extreme rainfall and overflowing rivers. For far too many residents, this has become an annual nightmare—a recurring battle against destructive floods. These occurrences are going to become more frequent as our planet warms through climate change as the warming atmosphere holds more moisture, translating into heavier downpours, and so the risk of flooding increases. As well as addressing climate...

How Businesses Can Prepare for Climate Changes

The climate is changing. As global warming worsens, extreme weather events are becoming increasingly commonplace in the UK and worldwide, from flooding to heat waves to extreme cold during the winter. We can all do our bit for climate change, and businesses have an important role to play. But there is another side to consider. You need to prepare for more extreme weather events to ensure the comfort of your employees and customers and create a more productive environment. There are several...

How to Cope With a Flood to Your Home or Business

Flooding can happen at any time and anywhere. Winter storms, leaking pipes or rivers that burst their banks can all lead to homes and businesses being flooded. CAS Hire has aided many properties with an urgent need for drying equipment like dehumidifiers and carpet dryers. If you find yourself in an unfortunate position of being flooded, here’s what we suggest that you do.

Turn off your electricity

Water and electricity don’t mix and can be very dangerous. Once you...

What is Relative Humidity?

People commonly ask us at CAS-Hire what does Relative humidity or otherwise simply known as (RH) means as it is often mentioned when talking about flood restoration, wet building assessments or when looking at hiring dehumidifiers or humidifiers.

Air surrounding us generally contains moisture in the form of water vapour or mist, however we generally do not notice it.  The quantity of moisture held within air depends on the temperature, with cooler air having less moisture than in warmer air. When...

Specialist Dryers Arrived Just Before The End of The January Transfer Window

CAS-Hire is glad to announce the new additions to our squad of specialist dryers, that we managed to get signed up before the end of the January transfer window.

Corroventa CTR150 Combi (Position - Cavity wall injection dryer) Specialist dryer

The CTR150 Combi will hopefully manage to make a significant impact for the rest of the winter season and hopefully, become a regular high achiever in our Specialist Drying equipment category. This high-performance portable metal cased dehumidifier incorporates a...

Offices on SE1 London succumb to flash flooding and hire Dehumidifiers from CAS-Hire

CAS-Hire London wins hire contracts to supply dehumidification to a number of customers for their prestigious city centre offices in the SE1 area of the city, as they deal with the aftermath of a flash flooding created by heavy showers and thunderstorms following a beautiful hot sunny week in September.

This weather front appears to have hit the city badly, however, we had calls to supply drying equipment further afield in Surrey, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, and Hampshire too. On this occasion,...

Investment company keeps doors open after flood and server room relocation

CAS-Hire Edinburgh win dehumidification and portable ducted air conditioning hire contracts with one of the UK's leading finance companies to quickly dry and cool working environments within their prestigious city centre offices and server rooms.

On this occasion, CAS-Hire was contracted to provide Woods 40 dehumidifiers following a major water leak and resulting flood. CAS-Hire's powerful yet quiet heavy-duty industrial dryers promptly dealt with the matter in hand to allow staff to keep business operating with minimal disruption. Our...

Pipe floods from burst water main in Bathgate is disrupting businesses and households again.

CAS-Hire Stirling has been providing dehumidifiers to start the dry out process for businesses affected by the burst water main flooding in Bathgate, West Lothian.

Business owners and domestic households have been hiring our Woods 40, Woods 36 and BD150 building dryers to swiftly get themselves back on track following the substantial disruption created by a couple of mains water pipework leaks in as many days. CAS-Hire can supply equipment suitable to help get things back on...

Recover quicker after Storm Frank with CAS

No sooner than we were left to reeling with the horrendous flooding aftermath created by Storm Desmond as it battered the North of England in early December, we now are facing the fresh issues created by Storm Frank Flooding as we enter 2016.

This time the Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Stirlingshire, Perthshire, Tayside and Aberdeenshire were the amongst the latest victims along with large areas of northern England for a second time with vast numbers of households and businesses...

Get back on track after Storm Desmond

Storm Desmond has battered the United Kingdom over the weekend with millions of households and businesses being affected by the flooding and power cuts.

CAS-Hire can supply equipment suitable to help get things back on track if you have been affected throughout the country. We currently have a healthy stock of gas cabinet heaters available for hire which do not require electricity to operate should you currently be without heating and we are also Flogas cylinders stockists. CAS-Hire also has an...

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