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The Hidden Dangers of Indoor Air Pollution: What You Need to Know

Indoor air pollution is something that affects many homes and businesses, and it refers to the presence of pollutants that we breathe in while indoors. Here are some of the hidden dangers you should know about.

Respiratory Problems

One of the more serious potential dangers posed by air pollution is the risk of respiratory problems. People with asthma, allergies and respiratory illnesses can all be affected by air pollution. This is especially true for the elderly and young or those who have compromised...

Specialist Dryers Arrived Just Before The End of The January Transfer Window

CAS-Hire is glad to announce the new additions to our squad of specialist dryers, that we managed to get signed up before the end of the January transfer window.

Corroventa CTR150 Combi (Position - Cavity wall injection dryer) Specialist dryer

The CTR150 Combi will hopefully manage to make a significant impact for the rest of the winter season and hopefully, become a regular high achiever in our Specialist Drying equipment category. This high-performance portable metal cased dehumidifier incorporates a...

Pipe floods from burst water main in Bathgate is disrupting businesses and households again.

CAS-Hire Stirling has been providing dehumidifiers to start the dry out process for businesses affected by the burst water main flooding in Bathgate, West Lothian.

Business owners and domestic households have been hiring our Woods 40, Woods 36 and BD150 building dryers to swiftly get themselves back on track following the substantial disruption created by a couple of mains water pipework leaks in as many days. CAS-Hire can supply equipment suitable to help get things back on...

Recover quicker after Storm Frank with CAS

No sooner than we were left to reeling with the horrendous flooding aftermath created by Storm Desmond as it battered the North of England in early December, we now are facing the fresh issues created by Storm Frank Flooding as we enter 2016.

This time the Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Stirlingshire, Perthshire, Tayside and Aberdeenshire were the amongst the latest victims along with large areas of northern England for a second time with vast numbers of households and businesses...

Get back on track after Storm Desmond

Storm Desmond has battered the United Kingdom over the weekend with millions of households and businesses being affected by the flooding and power cuts.

CAS-Hire can supply equipment suitable to help get things back on track if you have been affected throughout the country. We currently have a healthy stock of gas cabinet heaters available for hire which do not require electricity to operate should you currently be without heating and we are also Flogas cylinders stockists. CAS-Hire also has an...

CAS-Hire Direct Sales are prepared for winter 2015/16 with the excellent Woods dehumidifier dryers

We now have a range of the Scandinavian leading brand for sale, now in stock and available to purchase via our e-commerce section of our website!

Thanks to their compact design and light easily manoeuvrable portable weight, the Wood’s new MRD-10 & MRD-14 dehumidifiers can fit almost everywhere. The MRD-10 & MRD-14 refrigerant based dehumidifiers exhaust warm, dry air from louvers located on top of the unit that can be used blow-dry laundry or improve...

CAS Hire Dehumidifiers dry out house building sites to increase on-site trades

CAS-Hire London recently assisted a Construction Company based in Ilford, Essex to dry out house building sites to increase on-site trades efficiency, with Industrial Dehumidifiers & Heaters.

Our customers requested our industrial dehumidifiers/building dryers to boost productivity by enabling their squad of timberworks, concreting, plasterers and decorators to complete the finishing touches to their development site to ensure they can release completed units ahead of schedule. Due to our cooler British climate, drying out sites in the autumn and winter...

Dehumidifier to the rescue after pipe leak!

CAS-Hire Manchester has assisted a holiday homeowner near Harrogate, North Yorkshire promptly assisting dealing with a damp problem caused by a pipe leak that had gone unnoticed for a considerable period of time.

Unfortunately, this type of issue is extremely common and can create a major problem, especially in older properties or Holiday cottages as they can be hard to detect until substantial damage has already been done. The client was required to uplift all timber flooring and hired one...

2015 Edinburgh Festival

CAS-Hire are assisting numerous major production companies who are providing amazing acts and shows for the 2015 Edinburgh festival.

As we are well aware when the festival time arrives in historical Edinburgh many unusual extremely old and very often quirky disused venues are overhauled and given the showbiz razzmatazz and converted into mini theatres. We have hired out the ever popular Woods 40 industrial dehumidifiers to assist drying out old warehouses before the set production crews arrive to...

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