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Air cleaning hire solution to help manage and extract unwelcome chemical odours

One of the United Kingdom's leading Residential Property companies call upon on the services CAS-Hire Birmingham to supply high performance 650e air cleaners with carbon filtration to improve air quality within one of their luxury high end country properties in Warwickshire. CAS-Hire Birmingham were able to provide an air cleaning hire solution to help manage and extract unwelcome chemical odours within the eight bedroom property created by recent fumigation and carpet cleaning procedures prior to property returning onto the market. Specialist [...]

Stylish portable ducted air conditioners for dental clinic

CAS-Hire London office recently won a contract to supply four (4) of our stylish portable ducted air conditioners, the VC12PT, for a dental clinic located in Oxford to maintain comfortable temperature within their treatment rooms during our summer.The surgery management requested VC12PT units as they offered visually aesthetically appealing look and low operation noise level to fit in with their surgery surroundings and decor. The VC12PT - The stylish portable ducted air conditioner As the VC12PT units provide economical environmentally friendly [...]

Regulating humidity in Glasgow Theatre

CAS-Hire wins a contract to supply XH16 evaporative humidifiers to a theatre in Glasgow City centre to regulate a comfortable relative humidity (RH) to preserve and maintain the operating conditions within an orchestra pit. Moisture can evaporate from the theatre air within a general air conditioned environment or by dry heat produced from theatre heating including large quantities of stage lighting which can create a delicate balancing act for the musicians and vocalists to maintain the optimum instrument operating levels [...]

Industrial air cleaners a must for construction or restoration works

CAS-Hire DCAC500 industrial air cleaner proving yet again to be the must have piece of equipment when undertaking any construction or restoration works! CAS-Hire Birmingham office wins contract in January 2016 to supply DCAC 500 industrial air cleaners to the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, Nuneaton, Warwickshire to help in the construction of a new clean room facility.George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust provides a range of hospital and community based services to more than 300,000 people across Nuneaton & Bedworth, North Warwickshire, [...]

CAS-Hire improves air quality for working environment at luxury car manufacturer

CAS-Hire Manchester were able to provide an air cleaning hire solution to help manage and extract unwelcome odours created within the factory location penetrating into office environments. The specialist 650e air cleaner with smoke stop carbon filters were hired as they utilize two types of sensors to help combat the pollutants. The 650e uses ceramic and laser sensors designed to detect gas odours and harmful particulate levels and reduce energy usage.  The Auto setting function manages to detect the various [...]