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Global Conference Set in Windsor Safeguards Guests in Attendance by Hiring Blueair 650e Air Cleaners from CAS-Hire

Prior to an international gathering of academics spearheading the fight against malaria linked up at a conference located in Windsor, Berkshire, CAS-Hire was contacted by the hosts. We were asked to provide a suitable air-filtered solution to reduce the risk of potentially spreading airborne bacteria within the conference but to also retain a super low noise level in doing so. Based on the criteria presented to our team during telephone discussions and images of the venue shared by hosts and conference...

What Are Air Purifiers Used for?

Air purifiers – sometimes known as air scrubbers - are devices used to clean contaminants from the air. They are used in a wide range of settings- clinical, industrial, educational, and in retail to name a few. There are different types of air cleaners that work in different ways. Some use Hepa filtration technology (High Efficiency Particulate Air or Arrestance) which means that inside the unit is a very dense filter that can capture very small particles. This type of filter...

Dust control management for the Industrial & Construction Industry

CAS-Hire introduce some of our Industrial & Construction dust management system hire fleet. Dust control management systems (Industrial air cleaners) are becoming a lot more common in manufacturing processes and are considered a key device when it comes to achieving the workplace air quality standards set by the HSE Health and Safety Executive guidelines; protecting the employees and reducing site air contamination and emissions. Dust control management with our DCAC Range for hire. Our range of 230v and 110v DCAC500, DCAC1200 &...

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