Combi CTR150 X Dehumidifier For Hire

£125.00 ex. VAT. per week
Excluding carriage fees

This high performance mobile dehumidifier incorporates a drying system including a powerful air turbine within the same unit. This produces a particularly low noise performance level.

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This high performance mobile dehumidifier incorporates a drying system including a powerful air turbine within the same unit that functions producing a particularly low noise performance level.

CAS-Hire continuously endeavour to introduce the latest technologies to allow us to offer the leading equipment currently available in the market. The introduction of CTR150XT units into our hire fleet enables us to offer a unit which makes it simple to alternate between suction and pressure drying of a layered construction.

CTR K150XT combi dehumidifier can be hired when drying out layered constructions of up to 40 m², subject on material. The CTR150XT includes an integrated flow meter which monitors and displays the airflow through the machine. The unit is mounted on a steel tubular frame with heavy duty castors for easy manoeuvrability.

Combi CTR150 X Dehumidifier For Hire

Setting up

Setting up is simple, quick and this model is an extremely dependable hire unit. The CTR150 XT combi dryer from CAS-Hire allows the hirer the optional capacity to dry out two (2) smaller rooms or one (1) larger area.

This particular unit also has the capacity to dry several concrete beams at the same time using and additional C16 hose system accessory. The machine has connection ports for hiring an optional extra hygrostat when drying in sensitive environments and a setting for ventilation only.

This model can be used to target insulated wall and floor cavities subject to materials however can be used for drying layered constructions up to 40 m² (mineral wool) or up to 30 m² (foam) During suction drying process there maybe releasable water and the turbine must be used in combination with the 3-Stage Filter system for water separation.

The unit provides a three colour airflow monitoring guide
Green:  OK
Yellow: Can be permitted for short periods
Red: The airflow in the construction must be assessed and adjusted. For example more inlets and more outlets etc.

Corroventa Hose system C16 Accessories kit can also be hired through CAS Hire for £35 per week (ex vat)

Perfect for:

  • Commercial, industrial and domestic flood damage insurance reinstatement
  • Vessel and air craft assembly process
  • Injection drying cavity walls or flooring (subject to material)
  • Research Laboratories
  • Healthcare environments

  • Further Education
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Specialist storage facilities
  • Hotel and catering industries


  • High performance moisture monitoring extraction system to optimise efficiency
  • Sturdy metal cased housing design that is strong & compact
  • Portable lightweight and easily manoeuvrable mounted on steel frame with heavy duty castors
  • Quick-connection easy ducting attachments

  • Simple to use operation
  • No diesel or gas required
  • kWh metering

Dry Floating Floors Advice using Combi CTR150

Guide to Drying Cavity Walls

Injection Drying Installation

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 55 × 47 × 93 cm
Typical Power

230 V/50 Hz

Dry Air Volume

150 m3/h


260 mbar

Running Current

1,600 W

Noise Level (dB)

44-49 dB


+20°C, 40% RH 35l/24hrs