REX HP-19 Industrial Air Conditioner

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The REX HP-19 versatile mobile heat pump can alternate from cooling mode to heating mode automatically of manually via smart application function remotely.

Product Documents

Product Documents

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In cooling mode, the heat pump works in the identical way as an ordinary portable air conditioner producing cold air supply from the front of the unit into designated area and pumping hot air exhaust out through flexible ducting to a suitable ventilation point generally out of a window or doorway. The Heating function on the REX HP-19 works in the reverse cycle operation to cooling mode.

The heat pump with produce hot air in Heat mode into the designated area and reject cold air exhaust through flexible ducting to an outdoor suitable ventilation point. The Rex HP-19 is a mega powerful portable Heat pump / air conditioner spot cooler with Dehumidification mode functions is designed for semi-industrial and commercial use in large areas or ‘high heat load’ situations. This unit is ideal for semi-permanent site application which doesn’t require permanent fixed air conditioning installed.

This unit is particularly well designed to a high specification and has many automatic and safety features built in to provide minimal maintenance requirements for the hire market.

The REX HP-19 also boasts HEPA grade filtration which is a huge asset for applications in healthcare and in environments where air quality is as important and temperature control.

The Rex HP-19 uses R454c refrigerant therefore is considered environmentally friendly with significantly lower (GWP) Global warming potential when compared with other refrigerants in use today.

This sturdy metal cased unit generates a impressive cooling capacity of 19000btu or 5.57kw from a UK standard industrial 13amp plug and has a exhaust duct which can be extended up to maximum 9m in length.

Please note this unit requires venting via an open window, open door or suitable alternative ventilation extract route and will also require a water container to be emptied periodically to allow for continuous operation.

Perfect for:

  • Call centres.
  • Compressor rooms
  • Hospital or Healthcare centres
  • Computer room servers
  • Film set and photo shoot locations.
  • Shops

  • Factory production lines
  • Laboratories
  • Aviation industry
  • Trader rooms
  • Banks or government offices

Additional information

Weight 82 kg
Dimensions 55 × 63 × 126 cm
Heat Output (Kw)


Cooling Capacity

19000 Btu/h

Effective Area


Power Consumption

2.3kW (Cooling) / 2.1kW (Heating)





Temperature Range

COOL: 18°C~45°C/ HEAT:5°C~27°C

Noise Level (dB)

~ 59

Tank Volume




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