3kVA – 110V Heater Transformer Hire

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The Defender twin outlet EHT110v 3kVA vented heater transformer allows you to operate an 110v electric heater for continuous use.

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The Defender twin outlet EHT110v 3kVA vented heater transformer allows you to operate an 110v electric heater for continuous use.


  • Heavy duty powder coated steel transformer
  • Sturdy carry handle

  • Built to BS3535 and EN60742 standard
  • Twin power outlets with one (1) 16amp supply and one (1) 32amp supply

Important Information:

Please check to insure you select the adequately rated transformer to suit your power requirements.
All transformers must be connected to a suitable 240v electrical power supply. Transformers rated up to 3.0kVA can be connected to a standard power socket.
Transformers rated 3.0kVa and above must be must be wired into a suitable electrical power supply by a qualified electrician. A 30amp circuit is required for transformers rated from 3kVA – 5kV.
60amp circuits are required for transformers rated 5.0kVA and above.
If equipment fails or is damaged send it back to CAS-Hire. Please DO NOT try to repair it yourself.

Transformers are rated suitable for tool use or continuous usage.
Tool rated transformers are designed to power equipment up to its maximum capacity for up to 30 minutes, after which you will require to allow the transformer to cool down. If you continue to use the transformer at full capacity you will overheat the transformer and damage the internal components permanently.
If you require to use a tool rated transformer continuously you must only use a maximum of 70% of the tools capacity. Where a transformer is continuous rated this means that the rating is its maximum output.
RCD’s : 110V RCD should only be used from the transformer socket and not from the mains power socket to the transformer as a 240v RCD shall not react to any line faults with your 110v equipment.

CAS-hire transformers are supplied with thermal cut outs, circuit breakers, or fuses that comply with British standards.
Some of our transformers are fitted with small circuit breakers. If power fails check the breakers switch on the transformer first. This is done by switching off mains power reset mini circuit breaker on transformer before switching the mains power back on.
Never connect a transformer to a power outlet using an extension cable however; you can add an extension lead from the transformer outlets to your equipment.
Please insure that the total power supply required does not exceed the capacity of the transformers socket outlets.
Max output 16 amp socket                             1700w
Max output 32 amp socket                             3500w

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 38 cm

One (1) 230v 13amp power supply


One (1) 16amp x One (1) 32amp

Continuous Rating


Peak Rating