Humidifier FAQs

Humidifier FAQs

Did you know that dry air can cause sore throats, cracked skin , aggravated allergy symptoms and also cause multiple production problems whether your industry be IT, printing, healthcare, food production to name but a few? Low humidity levels can also damage your home, workplace or product by chipping paint, causing wood floors to split or crack or delaying inks to be absorbed quickly. The normal (RH) relative humidity recommended is between 30-50%.

We recommend the use of a digital monitor humidistat / hygrometer to monitor your workplace or home humidity level as found on our accessories page. We aim to help establish whether a cool mist or warm mist humidifier hire suits your requirements best. Both are options are extremely effective in increasing moisture levels to the air, but there are a few differences. Cool mist humidifiers are more energy efficient but require a more hands on approach to prevent the risks caused by stagnant water while warm mist humidifiers are great for relieving congestion. However, they can cause burns if not used correctly.

Think carefully about your climate before selecting your humidifier. Cold mist ultrasonic or evaporative vapour versions are generally more suitable for warm environments and the hot steam or warm air ultrasonics are better suited for colder environments.

How do evaporative humidifiers work?

Evaporative Humidifiers have a wick or filter which is used to absorb water. This water is evaporated by a fan and pushed out of the unit. Evaporative humidifiers offer a more natural form of humidification. As your humidity levels rise, the evaporation rate will gradually reduce. While these work great, many people dislike the noise generated by the fan and we also recommend the use of antimicrobial cleaning cartridges or silver stick to help inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and prevent slime build up inside the humidifier.

Evaporative humidifiers are commonly used in museums, art collections, auction, laboratories, printers, load testing, medical research, paper storage, large offices, universities and further education, exhibitions and show events, botanical and construction / refurbishment applications.

Where can we source additional antibacterial / sterilization tablets from?

CAS-Hire stock boxes of antibacterial / sterilization tablets available for purchase for our evaporative humidifier range. Please call 0800 525082 for further details.

How do ultrasonic humidifiers function?

Ultrasonic humidifiers have a small metal diaphragm that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency. This vibrating diaphragm produces water droplets without making any noise, and the vapour mist can be described as a cold fog. Many ultrasonic humidifiers will also have antibacterial features to prevent stagnant water however we recommend water is refreshed daily. Commonly used in Orchestral entertainments, hotels, museums, TV production, exhibitions and events, Medical practices, Hospitals, botany applications, homes, bedrooms, small offices.

What are warm mist or steam humidifiers commonly used for?

Warm mist or Steam humidifiers from CAS-hire are extremely useful for soothing during the cold or flu season and also help vocal chords when preparing to perform. Warm mist or steam humidifiers have a heating element that heats the water in the tank because these humidifiers heat water before dispersing it into the air, so there’s significantly less room for bacteria growth. As a result, they use more power than cool mist humidifiers and can be a burn risk. Commonly used in vocal entertainments, hotels, exhibitions and events, Medical practices, Hospitals, botany applications, homes, bedrooms, small offices or desk top applications.