Heater FAQs

Why use a space heater?

Space heaters are a popular method of heating indoor areas during cooler months or when it’s colder through the nighttime. We have a wide selection of heaters and sizes subject to your specific requirements, for example, Gas heaters, Kerosene heaters, or various electric heater options available.

What is the maximum capacity electric heater I can operate safely out of a standard household power socket?

We recommend the maximum capacity heater to operate from a standard 240v power supply would be 2.8kw, 2800w. We strongly recommend you ask a professionally approved electrician to check your mains power distribution board for advice before hiring large multiples of electric heaters to ensure you have suitable electrical ring main capacity to operate the heaters safely.

Oil-filled radiators or convector heaters?

The convector heaters are lightweight, simple to operate, produce heat instantly, and are cheaper to transport due to their weight.

Oil-filled radiators are heavyweight, robust, stable and more energy efficient as they retain warmth built up by the oil temperature as opposed to the convector heater which only stops producing heat once the room has reached a set level. Oil-filled radiators have more expensive carriage costs due to the transportation weight. Both options are safe to use under desks, offices and most general indoor closed areas as they do not burn when touched, and pose a low-risk fire hazard if tipped over as they have safety auto power shut-off facilities.

Are oil-filled radiators cheaper to run than electric heaters?

Oil-filled radiators draw the same electrical power input as electric heaters,  however, as the internal elements heat up the oil inside, they retain the heat for longer as the oil cools. By using a timer to switch on and off the power, savings can be made.  The downside of oil-filled radiators compared to convector heaters is that they are considerably heavier and cumbersome and they take longer to heat up as they require to heat the oil as opposed to a fine lightweight element inside standard convector heaters.

Are the gas cabinet heaters safe to use in public areas?

Yes, most definitely, however, if you are concerned by the risk of burning due to naked flame produced by this range of heater we can provide a safety cage to reduce the hazard risk.

Where would it be suitable to use an industrial propane space heater?

We generally recommend this kind of heater hire is used to heat large warehouses or large open areas. They look like jet engines because of how they blow hot air at a high rate. Our CAS-Hire range of industrial space heaters uses a fan to blow extremely hot air into a space and are very effective in heating large open areas and can produce a large heat output. CAS-Hire can provide a wide range of heaters for hire that comes in all sizes and ranges in the BTU/ Kw output as well. If you have a large warehouse or construction site you may want to consider this option of a heater to heat your workplace.

For the safe operation of this type of heater, we recommend that nothing is placed in front of these heaters due to the intense heat being produced and the flame they generate could lead to fire or being burned. This type of heater also requires a cylinder of propane gas and an 110v or 240v electricity to power the fan.

Industrial propane space heaters are very safe to use, however, show caution and adhere to all manufacturer’s safety guidelines. When hiring any type of heater, ensure you select the correct BTU / Kw output for the area you require to heat. Moisture is also produced by cylinder sweating whilst the heater is in operation, therefore we advise that the cylinder is not located in close proximity of anything susceptible to water damage or creating a health and safety slip hazard e.g. cardboard packaging or on tiled flooring.

Where can we get the propane gas to power the propane jet heaters?

CAS-Hire is Flogas / MacGas cylinder agents and can arrange for cylinders to be provided throughout the UK generally within a maximum period for remote areas of between 3-7 working days.

Industrial Electric Heater Hire applications and information

Generally, warehouses or factories lack insulation or have large door openings to the outside making it awkward to retain a suitable warm working environment. Electric warehouse fan heaters hire from CAS-Hire are a simple convenient way to heat localized cold spots. They provide high-output electric heat which is 100% efficient because all of the electricity used is converted into heat.

Factory heaters or Warehouse heaters from CAS-Hire are an inexpensive solution that is simple to operate, and maintenance-free if compared with propane jet heaters or oil-fired heaters. They are able to heat areas where other heating solutions may be difficult to install, expensive, or impractical. The best thing about electric warehouse heaters is that produce clean dry heat without any odour, no by-products of combustion, no naked flame, and no messy oil spillages or water caused by propane cylinder sweating. Electric warehouse heaters usually have a feature that turns the heater off should the heater get too hot.

Our Infra Red Heaters use special quartz infra-red halogen bulbs that function at a high temperature, this converts most of the electrical energy into short wavelength infrared heat radiation. These models of red rad electric space heaters are ideal for heating hire applications such as construction sites, call centres, large storage areas, factories and similar awkward-to-heat areas where standard convection heating can be difficult. The CAS-Hire fleet of Red Rad heaters are silent, generate no fumes or moisture and switch on or off almost instantly, and can be powered by 110v or 230v electrical supplies.

Hire a ceramic heater from CAS-Hire and solve your localized spot heating problems. These long-wave infra-red heaters gently radiate heat directly onto the area and personnel required to be heated. The ceramic heaters generate heat by an alloy resistance wire which is set into a ceramic tablet. The ceramic element is normally glazed to prevent moisture from penetrating into the ceramic. When using ceramic heaters at lower temperatures than quartz heaters, they have a lower radiant efficiency than quartz and can take a couple of minutes longer to heat up and cool down. They are tough, durable, and produce no bright light, however, offer high radiant efficiency.

Office Heater hire

CAS-Hire recommends office heater hire with our range of Oil filled radiators and Convector radiant heater options or alternatively our 2.8Kw fan heater option. The Oil filled radiator heaters warm up special heat-conserving oil and radiate this heat into a personal area or room. As the oil is never burned, the radiator heaters are extremely safe, efficient, and economical. Our Convector hire range heat by using convection to take in the cold air near the floor, warming it up, and releasing it back into the room out the top of the heater where heat rises. The convection cycle will continue until the room is at the desired temperature, and the heater will then automatically switch off to save power.