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Budget-Friendly Heating Solutions: Why Heater Hire Makes Sense

With Winter nearly upon us once again, and in the midst of a cost of living crisis, thoughts turn to ways to save money while still keeping warm during the cold months ahead. Keeping warm isn’t a luxury and is important for staff morale and wellbeing. But the cost of fuel means that more businesses are trying to find ways to keep their staff warm and their premises inviting without breaking the bank. That is why portable heaters are a perfect solution. They can be moved to where they are needed – heating a spot or space – and switched off and on as required. Their flexibility and low running costs make them suitable for most businesses in some capacity.

Hire or Buy?

For businesses that have the budget, then buying a portable heater may seem like the best idea. However, hiring a heater can be even more cost-effective. Buying a heater has an upfront cost associated with it. In addition, there are ongoing expenses after buying a heater such as maintenance, repairs, and storage during the warmer months. Furthermore, the heater model may be cutting edge at the time of purchase, but a few years later it may be less efficient than newer models.

Hiring a heater has many advantages

The main advantage is the cost. There is no upfront purchase cost. In addition, the hire can be for as many or as few weeks as it is required. This flexibility in renting means that the heater hire cost is limited and can be budgeted for.

Apart from cost, another benefit of renting is that it is possible to have the latest model every time a heater is hired. With newer models come better efficiencies and functionality which may offer even more savings compared to a heater that was bought a few years previously.

Hiring a heater also means no maintenance costs – that is all taken care of by the hiring provider. The same goes for any repairs. If it breaks, it will be repaired. Storage space can be a problem for some businesses too, but with this solution, the heater can be returned until it is next required.

The hiring of heaters also allows for easy scalability should heating requirements change within a business. Furthermore, changing heating requirements may mean that different types of heaters are better suited. This can be easily accommodated through discussions with your rental company who will find the right match for your needs.

For the environment, hiring heaters makes more environmental sense than throwing an old heater into landfill. In addition, newer models may be eco-friendly with enhanced energy efficiency.

Types of Heaters

The rental company can be relied upon to provide advice on the best heater for the intended space.    Ceramic and infrared portable heaters are electric-based. These are perfect for:

  • Retail production areas
  • Warehousing
  • Factory production areas
  • Localised comfort heating

They are sturdy and robust enough for most work environments and give off radiant heat with no noise.

Portable gas-fired heaters are engineered to deliver substantial amounts of immediately adjustable warmth. They are ideal for:

  • Construction Sites
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Education
  • Schools
  • Small offices
  • Shops


Oil-filled radiators and convection heaters are electric and are appealing due to their adjustable thermostat which maintains a desired room temperature consistently. They are perfect for:

  • Small Offices
  • Hospital Wards
  • Classrooms
  • Retail Outlets
  • Hotel Environments


Industrial electric heaters are powerful heaters. They can generate a significant amount of heat quickly, making them ideal for large spaces and industrial settings where fast and efficient heating is required. They are ideal for

  • Schools
  • Construction Sites
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage Areas
  • Flood damage restoration sites


Advice and help with heaters?

Most rental companies will have experts who will advise domestic customers and businesses on the best type of heater for their needs. Tap into their knowledge before committing to buying or hiring. Overall hiring portable heaters is a budget-friendly heating solution for most businesses needing to reign in energy costs.

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