When to Use a Humidifier and Why?

While many people use dehumidifiers in the summer to reduce the humidity in the air, humidifiers are also useful in many situations – especially in the winter when the air can become too dry.

But what exactly are humidifiers, and why should you use one in your home or workplace? We’ll take a closer look in this article.

What Are Humidifiers?

Humidifiers are appliances that use technology to increase the level of humidity in the room, helping to improve the air quality.

The amount of humidity in the air has a big impact on air quality. In the winter, homes and businesses use central heating, and this can cause the humidity levels to fall, making the air uncomfortable.

There are different types of humidifiers, including portable humidifiers, central humidifiers, evaporators and ultrasonic humidifiers. All work slightly differently but have the same result of increasing the humidity level in the air.

CP030 Portable Humidifier


Why Use Humidifiers at Home?

There are several reasons why people decide to use humidifiers in their homes. Some of the most important include the following:


  • Many people get skin problems during the cold, dry winter months, and humidifiers can help to relieve discomfort.


  • Humidifiers may help ease the symptoms of other issues that cause discomfort, including cracked lips, dry sinuses, dry coughs and dry throats.


  • Wooden furniture and floors can be damaged by excessively dry air, which can make them shrink and crack. A humidifier can help to keep them in better condition.


  • Humid air can feel more pleasant and make the air feel warmer during the colder months.


  • Humidifiers can also help houseplants that need more moisture in the air.


Just make sure humidity levels don’t get too high because this can cause condensation and mould. Some humidifiers adjust the humidity level automatically to prevent this from happening.


Why Use Commercial Humidifiers?

Humidifiers are also used in commercial settings and have several benefits:


  • Dry air can cause all kinds of problems, including damage to wood and electronics, so humidifiers can help reduce this damage.


  • Static shocks become a greater problem in dry air conditions. In some workplaces, these can be more serious, and too much static electricity due to low humidity can cause damage to electronics.


  • Humidifiers can help to get rid of dust in the air so employees can avoid breathing in dust.


  • Humidifiers can also help to create a more comfortable working environment throughout the winter, which is more pleasant for employees and can help to increase productivity.


  • Cas Hire is commonly requested to supply heating and commercial humidifier hire for printer businesses during the cold winter months because certain inks are affected by temperature and dry relative humidity resulting in a change in ink viscosity and the moisture absorption properties of hygroscopic paper.  Ideally, printers need to maintain a relative humidity of approximately 50-60% (RH). If humidity drops to 20-40% RH paper will move, tighten, and curl which creates alignment, creasing, and paper misfeed issues.  Paper misfeed is generally created by electrostatic build-up between the plates from dry paper which can lead to potential stacking problems as the paper is fed between processes which cost valuable downtime and result in wasted products and materials. Cold dry air conditions can also lead to the potential clogging of inks as they are released from the jets on application.


The Importance of Humidifier Maintenance

Whatever your reasons for getting a humidifier in your home or place of work, make sure you carry out regular maintenance.

If they are not properly maintained, humidifiers can have the opposite effect. Mould and bacteria can build up, and this can lead to health problems.

You may be able to maintain your humidifier on your own, or you might need professional humidifier maintenance.


Find Your Next Humidifier Today

We have a wide range of premium-quality humidifiers at CAS Hire for all purposes. Whatever you need a humidifier for, explore our collection today and find the right model for your home or business. And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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