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7 Surprising Ways to Make Use of a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are used both in commercial and residential properties because they deliver amazing benefits for air quality. They are primarily used for extracting moisture in the air- that is their function- and by doing so they can help prevent mould growth, dampness and a host of other benefits. But what is less well known is that their ability to extract water from the environment can also provide additional benefits that you may not have realised.  In this post, we look at some other surprising ways that dehumidifiers can help you.

  1. They can dry your clothes cheaper than a tumble dryer

When we are all trying to reduce our energy usage, using a tumble dryer to dry wet clothes in the winter can seem like an indulgence.  However, by switching on your dehumidifier to the laundry cycle in the room where you have clothes drying on a clothes horse, you can speed up the drying process at a lower cost than using the tumble dryer.  If the average cost of electricity per kW is 34p in October 2022 then a 9kg vented tumble dryer uses 5.34 kWh for a full load cycle and would cost £1.81 to run. Running a 300-watt dehumidifier will cost 11-12p an hour and running it continuously for 6 hours would cost on average 70p. After this time your clothes should be dry.

Not only that, but drying your clothes on a drying horse using a dehumidifier is kinder to your clothes AND to the environment as you are using less energy and a more efficient machine to do the job.

  1. Dehumidifiers can make your home smell nicer

A damp room will often have a musty smell associated with it which is generally unpleasant. Using a dehumidifier to extract water can make your home, boat or chalet less damp and reduce mould growing but it also means that the nasty smell associated with dampness is removed too.

  1. Dehumidifiers are good for people suffering from allergies

If you suffer from allergies associated with mould, pet dander and dust mites, running a dehumidifier will reduce humidity levels making your home less hospitable to these allergens. This may mean that you can breathe easier, your asthma may improve and you may sleep better.

  1. Your house is cleaner!

A dehumidifier will reduce the dust mites in your house and so make it less dusty which means you don’t have to get your duster out so often! The reduction in dust mites is not only good for allergies, but it is also good for housework.

  1. Dehumidifiers can heat your home

Depending on the size of the room, you could raise the temperature by 5-10 degrees. Dehumidifiers produce heat as a by-product of the process to draw moisture from the air. This means that the dehumidifier also doesn’t have to work as hard. A double benefit!

  1. Dehumidifiers prevent rust and corrosion from attacking tools and machinery

Not only do dehumidifiers prevent moisture damage in wooden flooring, doors, and walls they are also key to preserving valuable machinery from the risk of corrosion due to rust and dampness. Ideal for use in garages, sheds, and workshops protecting anything from standard household tools in toolboxes, lathes, electrical power tools, and valuable collections to classic cars motorcycles and other automotive vehicles.

  1. Bring in new customers by removing condensation from your front window

Hairdressing salons are at the forefront of high street fashion however due to the combination of damp-washed hair and blow-drying, condensation is heavily prominent in all premises. Condensation moisture produced is usually found on the front window obscuring the view of passers-by of many stylish, opulent salons creating the latest cutting-edge looks detracting new custom potential. Many of today’s dehumidifiers also use high-grade filters to extract dust and various other forms of particulate from their surroundings, which can also be commonly spread and inhaled in all hairdressing salons reducing health risks.  Not only hairdressing salons can benefit in this regard but cafés and tearooms too. It is not uncommon to see condensation on the windows of cafes which makes them less appealing to passers-by.

Hire a Dehumidifier today!

Dehumidifiers have many amazing benefits and each machine has different features so if you need help understanding which one is best to hire, speak to one of our friendly staff.



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