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Using Portable Heaters Can Save You Money!

Everyone is feeling the squeeze due to rising inflation, and energy bills have gone through the roof during this cost of living crisis. Keeping warm is essential to health and well-being. For employers, there is a responsibility to ensure that staff working conditions are of a suitable standard in terms of temperature, cleanliness, ventilation, lighting, space, changing areas, and toilet facilities.  Indeed, the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations – which became law in 1993 – lay down minimum standards for workplaces and work in or near buildings. With respect to temperature, it states that a reasonable temperature should be maintained within the building during working hours, and to this end, there must be enough thermometers to show this.

Boosting heat during cold spells

Heating a whole building can be very expensive and when the temperature dips in winter, there is a tendency to turn the thermostat up to maintain an adequate temperature throughout. However, it is possible to boost local areas with heat by using a portable heater. For those days when the temperature is low, turning on a heater where staff are working may be enough.

Augment with gas heaters

We saw this with a client of ours – a Glasgow-based factory – where we supplied them with four JH160 Industrial Propane Jet heaters in order to boost their workplace temperature. This particular heater blows hot air into the desired area and is capable of 100% heat efficiency suitable for a maximum capacity area of 1074m³ (37,927 cu.ft). It is very easy to monitor how much fuel is being used. These types of heaters are suitable for construction sites, farm buildings, factories, and warehouses with suitable natural ventilation. There are other types of gas heaters that are suitable for office situations such as cabinet heaters. Boosting the temperature where staff are located with portable heaters may be enough to abide by workplace laws during really cold periods.

Prioritise your heating to save money

infrared portable heater
QIR3 Infrared Heater

Electric fan-assisted heaters and Infrared radiant heaters are regularly requested by retail outlets, large shared office floors and car and furniture dealerships. Our clients are prioritising the heating of fitting rooms and till areas or deal desks over running costly heating systems designed to heat the whole building / communal office floor or retail outlets.  Electric heat can, in some instances, appear costly to run. However, focusing the usage on priority areas is much cheaper than full-scale building heating and the overall running costs are significantly less.


Hiring or Buying?

There are arguments for hiring or buying a heater but in terms of cost, hiring may make better sense initially. Heaters are normally only required during the winter and so for half the year, they will be unused. Hiring a heater means that you only pay for those times that you need it. In addition, you get the chance to figure out if this is what you need before buying your own heater. Many of our clients go down this route – hiring before buying.

If you were looking for solutions for reducing your heating bills during the winter period, especially if the temperature really dips low, consider hiring a heater. It will enable you to boost your heating when you need to but in a targeted way or to prioritise what you heat. Our portable heaters are very efficient and we have a range suitable for homes and businesses. Our staff can advise on the right ones for your situation. Contact us for details.

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