CAS-Hire Keeps Growing Oxford Laboratory Cool With Air coolers

Oxford-based diagnostic healthcare technology manufacturer request CAS-Hire to assist in finding an economical solution to reduce laboratory test area temperatures, improve air circulation, and add humidity in a particularly dry environment.

The Laboratory test areas producing the very latest healthcare diagnostic technology accommodate approximately thirty to forty staff each with various electronic test apparatus generating heat. The lab currently has a standard air conditioning system already in place however as the laboratory increased production the air conditioning not only struggled to reach certain areas of the lab it assisted in stripping more moisture out of the indoor air making an uncomfortable working environment. The client reached out to CAS-Hire to discuss suitable options available to reach a solution to overcome the issues. After significant consultation and trials, our staff and clients agreed on hiring four of our EC60 Evaporative Air coolers.

EC60 Portable Evaporative Air CoolerOur EC60 Evaporative air coolers are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and are an excellent choice to keep yourself comfortable and breezy. The units require to be topped up with chilled water daily to enable them to produce cool comfortable results.

The air coolers function by pumping the water stored in the reservoir through a honeycomb filter media which absorbs the moisture. As the air in the room is drawn into the air cooler by a powerful forty-centimeter diameter fan, the air is drawn through the filter media and the moisture contained in the filter media reduces the air temperature by introducing additional moisture into the air.

Good to know:

The EC60 Air coolers boast a low power 123-watt power consumption, 50-litre water tank capacity, and powerful 2240m cubed per hour variable output. The EC60 units have a three-speed fan control, manual directional louvres with additional internal oscillating louvres improving air circulation control, mechanical control panel and are suitable for areas up to 80m2.

As the Evaporative coolers do not have an inbuilt power-sapping compressor, they allow our clients to make significant savings on their annual energy costs.

The Air Coolers were sent directly to the site with operating and set up user guides to enable the staff on-site to set up and prepare the equipment to best suit their requirements. The air cooler hire has worked really well and has yet again enhanced our reputation as a leading hire supplier of air conditioner hire and air cooler hire equipment for a wide and varied range of applications around London and the southeast of England.

EH60 Specifications

  • Dimensions ​​​​70 x 46.6 x 117 (CM)
  • Power ​​​​220 – 240v
  • Frequency ​​​​50Hz
  • Water Tank capacity ​​​​50l
  • Power ​​​​220 (Watts)
  • Cooling Capacity Effective Area ​​80(m2)

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