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Summer On The Horizon: Think About Hiring From Our Wide Range of Air-Con products!

Warmer days are incoming. Perhaps you are planning some work events or maybe your warehouse or factory doesn’t fare well in the heat. We have the solution to make the summer as smooth and cool as possible for you. A comfortable environment for your workforce is very important and productivity is linked to comfortable working environments without temperature extremes. It is therefore important to adapt and work with the seasons to make your office, warehouse or factory space the perfect temperature for your staff. Read this article to understand how much the right climate and temperature will benefit your workers’ health, safety, and productivity. This is where our portable and practical air-conditioners are ideal.

Improve the Productivity in Your Office, Warehouse or Factory

Factories, warehouses, and big office or shop spaces can be very enclosed spaces. UK locations and facilities rarely have centralised air-conditioning unlike European or US work areas as summer tends to be a shorter season here but that means a lot of buildings are far from ideal in the warmer weather. As a result of climate warming, we are enduring more extreme weather events than ever before and unless something happens to reverse climate change, we are going to have to adapt to these events. Keeping your staff cool and happy in these conditions is a priority for their well-being and to improve productivity. This is where our air conditioners can help.  We have several options which range in size and characteristics. If you are looking to equip bigger spaces like a warehouse or a big store or office space we can recommend our industrial air conditioners which are super-efficient for bigger-sized spaces.

Air Conditioning for Your Marquee Events

 You are planning a big event in a marquee and expecting a sunny day? You’ll need one of our Portable Split Air Conditioners. These are ideal for events like live music, conferences, weddings, and fairs. Hiring these can make financial sense and are super user-friendly and will only improve your guests’ experience by keeping them cool.

Cool Down Your Home With Air Conditioning

If you are looking to improve the temperature in a smaller space such as a room in your home or in a smaller office space you can look at our range of Portable Ducted Air Conditioners which will provide a smaller space with a perfectly cool temperature.

Air Conditioning made Easy!

If you browse our air conditioner hire page you will see the price of each product for a week’s hire but here’s the good news!  We adapt to you: the client. We do a lot of long-term rentals if you simply want to hire some products to have at all times during the summer months and plan for all-weather eventualities. And even better news, if you hire long-term you will be eligible for our special offers so you are saving money AND making your office/warehouse/home/etc. more livable.

If you want to hire for a one time-event we can organise services a long time ahead but we also arrange next-working-day delivery of our products which is convenient for any of you last-minute planners in a heatwave…

Basically, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service from our skilled team who will adapt to your needs and eventualities. If you have a question, we answer but most importantly we provide.

If you go on our website and follow the guide, we guarantee you will find the ideal product to perfect your summer event or months. You can contact us with some general or very specific enquiries.


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