Energy Crisis? Switch to Portable Heating and Air Con Units and Save!

Energy Crisis? Switch to Portable Heating and Air Con Units and Save!

Post pandemic recovery in the UK has stalled as a result of world events. The price of energy has skyrocketed and many people are struggling to cover their electricity and gas bills. The wholesale price of gas has increased as a result of world economic factors including emerging from lockdown. Up until now, energy companies have been restricted from passing on rising costs to their consumers and this led to many energy companies exiting the market. From April 2022, this price cap has been lifted and now consumers are paying a huge amount more for the same energy consumption – up to 54% more.

For businesses, the burden is just as high.  While the government has supplied some relief for domestic customers, help for businesses is not so visible. Heating or ventilating retail floors, warehouses, showrooms or offices uses a lot of energy. These are areas where it is important to ventilate or heat so that customers or staff feel satisfied and happy. A retail outlet with no heating or ventilation would soon lose customers who find the fitting rooms too cold or too stuffy. Similarly, an office space that has little natural ventilation may be at risk of staff dissatisfaction and low productivity. In these types of locations, it is difficult to be without artificial means of heat and ventilation.


Localised Heating and Ventilation Solutions

In order to save energy, we suggest that localised heating and air conditioning solutions be considered in workplaces. In reality, does the whole shop floor require heating? The whole office space? Heating or ventilating particular areas may be a solution to save energy. Installing a portable air conditioner in areas where there are particular needs for cooling would use a lot less energy than installing a complete air conditioning system throughout. Areas like fitting rooms and checkouts could benefit from localised energy solutions. The same goes for office spaces. Those areas where office staff work should be comfortable in temperature and air quality for optimum productivity. These needs can be met with portable units and switched on when required.

Reasons to switch

  • Portable – move the units to where they are needed as they have castors
  • Switch on /off when required
  • Energy-efficient units
  • Powerful yet quiet
  • Hire before you buy

Other ways to save money are plentiful and include switching off all computers at the end of the day, switching to LED lighting with sensors, invest in smart meters and insulation. These will all save money and should be part of the mix of energy-saving options. But we suggest that those businesses which can offer a portable solution to their heating and ventilation needs, look again at what’s available from good suppliers.

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