why use an air purifier

What Are Air Purifiers Used for?

Air purifiers – sometimes known as air scrubbers – are devices used to clean contaminants from the air. They are used in a wide range of settings- clinical, industrial, educational, and in retail to name a few. There are different types of air cleaners that work in different ways.

Some use Hepa filtration technology (High Efficiency Particulate Air or Arrestance) which means that inside the unit is a very dense filter that can capture very small particles. This type of filter is produced to a very specific standard which enables it to extract 99.97% of pollutants at 0.3 micrometers from the environment. Some units have Carbon Filters or Gas filters that contain fine porous carbon granules or pellets designed to absorb strong odours and gases.  Others like the Airdog X5 are Air Ioniser Purifiers which use electrically charged air and gas ion particles to clean air-borne pollution and these are capable of filtering out very small particles down to 14 nanometres. UV sterilisation rays are also used in some models like the MEDI 25 Dustblocker and these disrupt the DNA of viruses to prevent disease.

Why use an Air cleaner?

  1. Air cleaners have become more in demand since the Covid 19 Pandemic. This is due to the fact that some models are able to effectively remove viruses such as Coronavirus from the air and keep people safe. This helps employees feel confident about returning to work. Schools are also using air cleaners to keep their staff and pupils safe during the Pandemic. We have written an article about air cleaners and Coronavirus and which models are recommended.
  2. Air cleaners are also effective at removing dust particles and therefore help people who have allergies or are sensitive to dust particles. They are often used in offices and retail outlets. But another use for these types of units is within industrial settings such as joinery workshops or construction settings where masonry dust is a health pollutant. Here, industrial air scrubbers come into their own to ensure that workers are not exposed to contaminants that can cause irritation of their airways. Sick or unhealthy staff have an economic impact on employers and so investing in an air cleaner makes sense in the long run.
  3. Air cleaners are also useful in health settings, clean rooms, and laboratories where there is a requirement for sterile conditions and where contaminants could cause problems with experimental work within the laboratory.
  4. Apart from commercial settings, here at CAS Hire, we are seeing an uptick in domestic hires and sales of air cleaners. Whilst contamination and air quality may not be noticeable in a home, some people want them in order to be confident that the air they breathe is as healthy as it possibly can be. Air purifiers can trap allergens like pet dander, pollen, and mould spores. In particular, people who are asthmatic may find that their condition is helped by the removal of these allergens.
  5. Your home can stay cleaner for longer with an air purifier as they remove dust particles. They can also make your home smell fresher as they remove odours if the units contain carbon filters.


Why not try an air cleaner for a few weeks and see the difference it might make to your workplace or home? CAS Hire has great deals on hiring before you buy.

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