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Save Money on Energy with These Winter Tips

Winter is upon us again and with it comes cold, damp weather which can seep into the home and makes us want to turn the thermostat up. With energy prices sky high, you may be looking for ways to save money on heating bills whilst still having a comfortably warm home. We have come up with some tips to save money this winter.


  1. Stop hanging your wet washing on the radiators

If you hang wet clothes on radiators you will reduce the amount of heat for the room and make your boiler work harder. In addition, you will make the room very moist and damp which can cause problems. If you have space, consider hiring or buying a dehumidifier to help dry out clothes. Some dehumidifiers have a drying clothes setting and these are designed to slowly extract moisture from the air and to get your clothes dry. This may be more energy efficient than just hanging the clothes on a radiator or a tumble dryer.


  1. Turn the thermostat on your boiler down

Even just turning the thermostat down by 1 or 2 degrees can save you 10% on heating bills. Many people wouldn’t even consider this or even know how to do it. On many modern boilers, it is very easy to locate the temperature of the hot water and heating elements and simply dial them down or up. An easy win- especially if you think that your radiators are too hot to touch.


  1. Consider smart heating controls

Smart heating controls allow you to only turn on your heating when you need it. On older systems, it is often difficult to fine-tune your heating settings. With an updated heating system, you can use smart heating controls which allows you to turn off your heating when you are away from home or delayed from returning. Or turn it on just before you arrive home.


  1. Consider only heating the room you are in

If you work from home or spend a lot of time in one room, consider hiring or buying a portable heater to heat this one area. Ceramic or infrared heaters are very popular for heating a single room. They have lower running costs and less energy wastage compared to gas heaters. They are virtually maintenance-free and are an easy, cheap option to heat just a single room.


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