Industrial fan uses

Six Examples of Where To Use Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are not something that you’d hire for your home – even in the height of summer – as they are very powerful and a little bit noisy for domestic purposes. But they have many uses for commercial, industrial, leisure and events industries.

Industrial fans have large powerful blades which can move large volumes of air around to cool and ventilate. Some models can be ducted to remove stale and unpleasant air creating a better working environment. Some industrial fans can even be used outside. Here are some specific uses of industrial fans or blowers.

  1. For events in marquees. Weddings, workshops, parties and any event using a marquee to host it. Marquees are wonderful places but can become hot, humid and stale. An industrial fan can quietly run in the background moving the air around and reducing the need to keep entrances and exits open to reduce heat.
  2. Film production. Industrial fans are ideal for creating wind effects for film sets and have been used creatively at music concerts and by other creative industries.
  3. Industrial Processing. These big blowers are ideal for areas where industrial manufacturing causes smells and humidity. Some fans can be ducted outside to remove bad air and refresh the atmosphere. Perfect for foundries, factory production lines, workshops and welding bays.
  4. Competitive events held indoors can be stuffy and a blower is ideal to move large volumes of air. Ideal for professional and amateur events such as displays, dance and aerobic sports.
  5. The destruction caused by flooding has a cost both financial and psychologically. However, dehumidifiers, industrial fans and carpet dryers are able to deal with most of the clear up from flooding and are ideal for drying out properties.
  6. Commercial premises. In order to keep your workforce comfortable and productive in summer months, it is important to keep air circulating. This leads to a better atmosphere – cooler, less humid, fresher. Ideal for call centres, offices, restaurant kitchens, laboratories and computer rooms.

There are many other ways that industrial fans can help and we have seen many applications. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss a particular application which we haven’t mentioned and we will be able to advise you on the best product to use.

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