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Hire or Buy a Dehumidifier? What’s Best?

Have you noticed that you have a damp problem, or perhaps there has been a flood or water catastrophe and you need to dry out your property quickly? The best solution is a dehumidifier. It offers a lot of benefits.  Browsing through the options available online you will see businesses like ours providing a hiring service for dehumidifiers but also the opportunity to buy a dehumidifier too. So what’s the best strategy? Hire or buy a dehumidifier? Here’ some helpful advice to make your decision easier.

Advantages of hiring a dehumidifier over buying one

  1. You don’t have a big financial outlay compared to buying a dehumidifier. In fact, hire costs can very often be passed through lower official payment department budgets in a company so are more likely to be sanctioned over a big outlay.
  2. You can hire a better/bigger model compared to the capital required to buy a similar model.
  3. You can trial the equipment to see if it suits your business before committing to purchase.
  4. Long term hire discounts and other incentives can be negotiated with a hire company too making it cheaper in the long term.
  5. The hire equipment is like new as it is cleaned, serviced and tested prior to hire commencing.
  6. Technology is ever improving and hire companies will always attempt to provide the most current dehumidifier to suit your requirements (higher efficiency or eco-friendly technology and better build quality). So you are not stuck with an out of date inefficient model.
  7. Once you no longer require the dehumidifier you can request for it to be returned saving you storage space.
  8. No servicing costs since the hire company do this for you.

Disadvantages to hiring? Should I buy a dehumidifier?

  1. On top of the hire cost, there are also delivery and collection charges. But if you buy a dehumidifier these costs aren’t applicable.
  2. If the hired dehumidifier is lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen whilst in your care, you will be liable for the full cost of repairing or replacing the equipment.
  3. There’s usually a fixed set period hire contract. So should you no longer require the equipment prior to the end of the fixed hire period contract agreement, then you still have to pay the full contract anyway.

Both hiring and buying a dehumidifier require a customer to buy accessories such as filters so there’s no saving either way with this cost. But bear in mind that it might be more difficult to source filters in the future for a model which has been superseded.

So it is a difficult choice to make. Here at CAS Hire we like to give our customers the full facts about the benefits and drawbacks to hiring or buying equipment. We also provide the choice to hire or buy so you don’t need to go elsewhere. We provide both services and will support our customers in making the right choice and throughout their hiring or buying journey.

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