Air Conditioning Emergency Hire Solution for Edinburgh Multi Storey Office

Air Conditioning Emergency Hire Solution for Edinburgh Multi Storey Office

When a major real estate management company located in Edinburgh contacted CAS-Hire Air Conditioning Specialists Edinburgh branch in search of some emergency cooling equipment, our specialist team stepped in to make sure their requirement was met.

Our clients manage a multi-storey luxury office located in the city which had a major chillers failure issue with indefinite timescale outage until specific replacement components were supplied from overseas.

With their clients overheating and desperately requiring respite, we were able to assist. Soon after initial contact, due to the limited timescale, our skilled air conditioning hire staff managed to establish the appropriate sizing calculation requirements based on the dimensions of each area without an onsite survey and were able to recommend a suitable temporary cooling solution. We agreed to provide sixteen (16) HSC3500 Coolmobile and B24 Industrial Ducted Air conditioners and twenty-eight (28) ACF18 Office fans distributed across four (4) floors to provide the necessary amount of cooling and improved air circulation to immediately reduce office temperatures.

The industrial portable Ducted air conditioning systems were strategically positioned around offices on each floor with exhausts directed into ceiling void space using ceiling tile templates fitted into the ceiling tile grid to keep the aesthetics looking acceptable and insuring a strong fixing for ducting.

Using extract systems already in position they were able was able to draw the heat out with the void space out of the building

The high-volume cooling system was proposed and quickly installed by our engineers proved extremely successful in combating high temperatures generated within the building. As a result, day-to-day operations at the office block were generally unaffected until their permanent systems had been successfully fully repaired.

Our ever-popular and versatile HSC3500 and B24 7kw Industrial Portable Ducted air conditioners are simple to install with a powerful heavy duty 7kw cooling capacity output from a 13 amps or 16 amp 240v power supply.

Suitable for many varied applications such as Event hire, Factory cooling, Office cooling, Comms room cooling, large showroom cooling and much more.

B24 Heavy Duty Air Conditioning Unit

B24 Heavy Duty Air Conditioning UnitWeekly Hire rates
1 week £259.00 6 weeks £220.00 12 weeks+£200.00
All rates exclude carriage charges

B24 Specifications
Weight 83.5 kg
Dimensions 62 x 50 x 125 cm
Cooling Capacity 7100 Watts 24400 BTU/h
Absorbed Power 2500 Watts
Absorbed Current 12A
Fan Speed (High) 1.020 cm/h
Fan Speed (Low) 800 cm/h
High Efficiency Compressor Rotary
Indoor Unit Noise at low speed 55 dB (A)

For more information please visit our B24 Product Hire Page >>

HSC3500 Coolmobile Heavy Duty Air Conditioning Unit

HSC3500 Coolmobile Heavy Duty Air Conditioning Unit

Weekly Hire rates
1 week £259.00 6 weeks £220.00 12 weeks+£200.00
All rates exclude carriage charges

HSC3500 Coolmobile Specifications
Weight 90 kgs
Dimensions 59 x 49 x 130 cm
Cooling Capacity 7.3Kw
Effective area 58m2
Air flow rate 960m3/hr
Noise level 69dBa
Input power supply 2600w 50Hz

For more information please visit our HSC3500 Product Hire Page >>

B24 and HSC 3500 Coolmobile Special Offer:

Based on completing an initial fixed twelve (12) weeks minimum hire period at advertised hire rate we will offer our customers the opportunity to keep the unit for up to the following forty (40) weeks free of charge.

Special offer excludes delivery and collection charges. Terms and conditions apply

ACF18 Fan

ACF18 Office FanWeekly Hire rates
£25.00 per unit per week ex vat and carriage

The ACF18 is a powerful yet quiet lightweight floor-mounted high-velocity performance fan.
The ACF18 has 18″ (45cm) metal blades that are designed to create a refreshing cool breeze in a wide variety of applications. This incredibly popular versatile fan can commonly find itself being used in factory production lines, gyms, dance studios, retail outlets, large open office areas, car showrooms, fashion shows, schools, film sets and even computer server rooms.

ACF18 Specifications
Weight 5kg
Dimensions 20x 48 x 50 cms
Fan diameter (mm) 450
Air flow rate 1.25m3/hr
Power input 230v 50Hz
Noise 55dBa

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