Extra heat in Renfrewshire factory boosts staff morale this winter

Renfrewshire factory boosts staff morale with a little extra heat this winter.

CAS Hire Glasgow office provided four (4) of our JH160 Industrial Propane gas jet heaters to a Renfrewshire-based factory. In a bid to keep the workforce happy and to keep productivity and morale high the heaters were required to help add heat and lift the chill out of the workplace.

As staff are often exposed to outdoor ambient temperature conditions, they required spot heating to allow a comfortable working environment this winter.

Extra heat in Renfrewshire factory boosts staff morale this winterThe heaters were supplied from our northern warehouse and delivered by courier service.

The gas supplies were provided with our association with one of the United Kingdom’s major gas cylinder suppliers Flogas.

They managed to deliver the eight (8) 47kg cylinders to be connected to the heaters to help generate a maximum heater output of approximately 43kw of heat per heater.

JH160 Industrial Propane Jet Heating Hire

JH160 Industrial Propane Jet Heat HireEach heater has a variable output control and also requires a 13amp 240v or 110v electrical power supply to operate the fan built within the heater used to blow the hot air into the desired area. This particular model is capable of 100% heat efficiency suitable for a maximum capacity area of 1074m³ (37,927 cu.ft). The JH160 lightweight propane jet space heater is an outstanding performer using an average of 1.454 – 2.979kg of propane gas per hour allows you monitor closely how much fuel you use.

The JH160 is a mid-range propane jet heater (otherwise known as propane forced air heater) and each produces a quick and cheap to run high-performance heat output for large areas in particular garages, factories, workshops, and warehouses.

This style of heater is also valuable for stand-in urgent situation use. The JH160 propane jet heater can be implemented in outdoor use for localised warmth in cold, dry weather conditions however we must advise that they are not suitable for use in residential premises applications


  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • Portable
  • Tough structure
  • Dual voltage
  • Low noise operation
  • Extremely trustworthy
  • Cheap to hire and run
  • Produces huge capacity of hot air
  • Easy installation

Perfect for:

  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Manufacturing facilities
  • Auto repair garages
  • Agricultural applications
  • Engineering business environments
  • Construction sites
  • Temperature control
  • Shipyards

Hire a JH160 heater nationwide at CAS-Hire from £45.00 per week ex vat, carriage and gas

Contact the UK’s leading air conditioning hire specialists on 0800 525082

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