Edinburgh Jewellers take measures to prevent damp

Prestigious Edinburgh city centre jewellers call on our ever-popular Woods 36 Refrigerant Dehumidifier to aid in drying out the basement of their upmarket outlet.

Prevent damp on your wallsCAS-Hire Edinburgh was called to address a long-standing issue created by a leaking drainage system out with the popular jewellers. The damp created by the defective drainage system had clearly been a long-standing issue for the damp to penetrate through the vastly thick ancient walls leading into the basement escape route corridors and storage areas.

Jeweller’s staff noticed a distinctive damp smell and flaking paintwork highlighting the damp issue. As the main defective drainage issue is currently undergoing a precise leak location investigation by others the store has managed to maintain a suitable Relative humidity level using the compact high performance Woods 36 dehumidifier.

Prevent dampness with the Woods 36 Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Woods 36 Dehumidifier prevent dampThis outstanding piece of hire equipment is not only extremely simple to operate, but it also has an outstanding extraction rate, strong metal casing easily manoeuvrable on castors and is dimensionally quite small in size. This enables staff to continue going about their business minimising disruption affecting access, health and potential risk of harm to stock surrounding the damp area. The popularity surrounding the hire of a Woods 36 dehumidifier is also enhanced by its low operation noise and substantial water collection tank with auto cut off float switch.

This allows the unit to remain operational for longer periods without the frequent stoppages commonly created with alternative dryers which either have considerably smaller water collection tanks or dryers with no water collection tanks at all potentially creating further issues if left unattended for length periods enhancing further water collection container overflow risks.

High-Performance Dehumidifier

This sturdy metal cased high-performance dehumidifier is extremely powerful and can quickly dry your damp clothing at the same time as it dries out your flood damage insurance reinstatement claims, basements, bathrooms, garages, caravans, holiday homes, post carpet shampooing or storage facilities.

The Woods 36 Dehumidifier building dryer is the ideal system to hire when your dehumidifying needs to be fast! The Woods 36 also has a standard hose connection for continuous gravity drainage from the internal drip tray but also includes a large 10, 4 litres capacity water container. This model has an inbuilt float switch so that when the water container reaches its maximum storage capacity, the dehumidifier shuts off automatically.

Our Woods 36 dehumidifier produces impressive extraction performance levels even at lower temperatures such as +5o C. It is well equipped with robust wheels, which make it easy to move about with mechanical humidistat and two-speed fan controls. The Woods 36 dehumidifier also generates more heat energy than it consumes power thus improving performance extraction levels. This air dehumidifier can easily remove excessive air moisture and eliminate the risk of damp, mould, mildew and condensation problems.

Woods 36 Dehumidifier Features:

  • Adjustable hygrostat
  • Auto overflow protection
  • Water tank full indicator light
  • 2 Speed fan, Castors

  • Effective area dehumidified 190m2
  • Extraction capacity up to 25Ltrs / day
  • Weight 25kgs

Hire or Buy a Woods 36 Dehumidifier from CAS Hire

Hire a unit today for £65.00 per week ex vat & carriage charge >>

We also have them available for purchase for £519.87 ex vat and carriage charge >>

We are only too happy at CAS-Hire to discuss and assist in offering guidance with your dehumidifier choice based on your application criteria.

Equipment available nationwide call 0800 525082 today for further assistance!

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