Dust control management for the Industrial & Construction Industry

CAS-Hire introduce some of our Industrial & Construction dust management system hire fleet.

Dust control management systems (Industrial air cleaners) are becoming a lot more common in manufacturing processes and are considered a key device when it comes to achieving the workplace air quality standards set by the HSE Health and Safety Executive guidelines; protecting the employees and reducing site air contamination and emissions.

Dust control management with our DCAC Range for hire.

Our range of 230v and 110v DCAC500, DCAC1200 & DCAC2000 from CAS-Hire are extremely efficient, tough portable industrial air cleaners with ECO-friendly fan can be used in a wide range of applications.

CAS-Hire have only recently added the new DCAC1200 model and enhanced new design of the DCAC2000 into our hire fleet over the past few months however already they are proving to phenomenally popular hire products.

The DCAC 1200 Air Cube is a compact alternative with a high performance capability and sized in between the DCAC500 and DCAC2000 existing Air cube units.

The DCAC1200 and 2000 air cube air cleaners features overview:

This range of high performance air cleaners draw contaminated air through a highly efficient HEPA filter, the air circulated in the affected room is cleaned by extracting hazardous airborne dust particulate that is considered harmful.

In years gone by air cleaning would have been overlooked however studies show that the most dangerous particles are those that are so small that they are invisible to the human eye.


  • Minimizing air borne dust particulate that can be potentially harmful to your wellbeing, e.g. silica dust, fine wood, metal dust or lint dust from clothing.
  • A much welcomed portable first-rate complement to dust source extraction and suction casings commonly hired on construction sites or areas where plastering and tiling work is being carried out.
  • Popular selection in bakeries to purify the air from health hazardous flour, wood dust generated within carpentry / wood working production workshops.
  • Variable fan speed function designed to conserve energy and reduce noise pollution e.g. night usage or in domestic or noise sensitive applications
  • High efficient ECO-friendly fan using considerably reduced energy consumption.

  • Low dBa operating noise level
  • Washable sturdy stainless steel filter casing
  • Filter indication warning light that illuminates when a filter change is required.
  • Uncomplicated HEPA filter change (magazine air filter) for simple overhaul.
  • The DCAC air cube air cleaner range are designed to separate fine and hazardous dusts down to a level of 0.3 microns. An instance of such particulate can be quartz dust, which is found in concrete, brick, grout and mortar. When wall chasing, concrete grinding, demolition hammering work, kitchen, bathroom renovations and general construction, one of our DCAC industrial and construction dust management air cleaners are a must hire ideal solution.

Perfect for:

  • ATEX
  • Metal work industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Wood and plastics industry

  • Building services and facilities management
  • Laboratory science
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction
  • Printers and furnace facilities
  • Clothing manufacturers and retail outlets

We are only too happy at CAS-Hire to discuss and assist offering guidance with your unit choice based on your application criteria.

DCAC500 are available to hire  £75.00 per week excluding VAT and carriage charges
DCAC1200 are available to hire  £120.00 per week excluding VAT and carriage charges
DCAC2000 are available to hire  £165.00 per week excluding VAT and carriage charges

Nationwide delivery service

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