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Heating Hire Keeps Renfrewshire Printing Factory Running Comfortably Through a Chilly Winter

When a large printing company in Renfrewshire encountered low ambient temperatures during the chilly winter months of 2017, CAS-Hire Glasgow were contacted and asked to provide suitable equipment to provide a temporary heating hire solution for a large production and warehouse storage area.

Heating hire keeps printing factory running comfortably through a chilly winter.A reliable and constant supply of heating was needed during the absence of a suitable fixed system, to ensure all ensure the workforce could continue with their high-quality production with minimal disruption.

A CAS-Hire advisor listened to the customer’s specific needs and subsequently proposed an appropriate temporary heater hire solution based on the site details provided.

The CAS-Hire team promptly arranged for the delivery of four (4) JH160 space heaters along with eight (8) x 47kg Flogas propane fuel cylinders required to power the heaters’ high output capacity.

The customer strategically positioned the heaters around the workplace in suitable ventilated safe zones to enable the units to function optimally, improving the general workplace conditions by allowing heat to circulate throughout the desired cold temperature affected areas.

JH160 Propane Jet Heating Hire

The JH160 direct propane jet space heater not only offers outstanding performance levels but also provides great value for money. Ideal for numerous applications including industrial manufacturing, agricultural and engineering business environments this heater offers a variable heat output from 4,202 – 160,000BTU/hr.

The JH160 dual-voltage heater operates by using liquefied petroleum propane gas and functions using either a 110V or 230V electrical power supply.

Weighing a mere 13kg, this heater can be frequently relocated if needed, making it a complementary addition to a wide range of environments.

This particular model is capable of 100% heat efficiency suitable for a maximum capacity area of 1074m³ (37,927 cu.ft). The JH160 lightweight propane jet space heater is an outstanding performer using an average of 1.454 – 2.979kg of propane gas per hour allows you to monitor closely how much fuel you use.


  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • Portable
  • Tough structure
  • Dual voltage
  • Low noise operation
  • Extremely trustworthy
  • Cheap to hire and run
  • Produces huge capacity of hot air
  • Easy installation

Perfect for:

  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Manufacturing facilities
  • Auto repair garages
  • Agricultural applications
  • Engineering business environments
  • Construction sites
  • Temperature control
  • Shipyards

Hire a JH160 heater nationwide at CAS-Hire from £70.00 per week ex vat, carriage and gas

Contact the UK’s leading air conditioning hire specialists on 0800 525082

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