What is Relative Humidity?

People commonly ask us at CAS-Hire what does Relative humidity or otherwise simply known as (RH) means as it is often mentioned when talking about flood restoration, wet building assessments or when looking at hiring dehumidifiers or humidifiers.

Air surrounding us generally contains moisture in the form of water vapour or mist, however we generally do not notice it.  The quantity of moisture held within air depends on the temperature, with cooler air having less moisture than in warmer air.

When air is retaining the maximum quantity of moisture possible at a set temperature it is considered saturated.  This may create a muggy humid feeling to our immediate surroundings.  Dry air, which contains low quantities of moisture and will feel sharp and crispy when cool. If the temperature is warm this may lead to the following health symptoms itchy eyes, sore noses, dry throats and can contribute to a sore chesty cough.

Relative Humidity (RH) is the level of saturation within air. A proportion the quantity of moisture retained in air is comparative to its saturated point.  Therefore saturated air is equivalent to 100% RH.  Air at a 50% relative humidity (RH) level is retaining only half of the moisture it could at specific temperature.

If you cool the same test air sample, the relative humidity (RH) will increase due to the maximum amount of moisture that the air can hold is reduced. Equally on the other hand, if the air is warmed the relative humidity (RH) decreases as the air is able to retain higher levels of moisture.

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