Air cleaning hire solution to help manage and extract unwelcome chemical odours

One of the United Kingdom’s leading Residential Property companies call upon on the services CAS-Hire Birmingham to supply high performance 650e air cleaners with carbon filtration to improve air quality within one of their luxury high end country properties in Warwickshire.

CAS-Hire Birmingham were able to provide an air cleaning hire solution to help manage and extract unwelcome chemical odours within the eight bedroom property created by recent fumigation and carpet cleaning procedures prior to property returning onto the market.

Specialist 650E Air Cleaner

The customer hired six (6) of our specialist 650e air cleaners and opted to purchase the optional smoke stop odour control carbon filters. This high performance sophisticated unit choice boasts the use two types of sensors to assist combat the pollutants. The 650e uses ceramic and laser sensors designed to detect unwelcome odours and harmful particulate levels and reduce energy usage.

650e_leftThe variable Auto setting function manages to monitor and detect the various fluctuation levels of pollutant within the property and will automatically adjust the fan speed to speed up or slow down and control the extraction until the area is free from contaminants. The carbon filters used within this particular range are specially designed using between 2-4lbs of activated carbon mixed with copper oxide and fine magnesium granules to combat heavy gaseous pollutants, such as bacterial smells, smoke and other potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

The 650e Air cleaner from CAS-Hire has super silent operation noise and can produce an extremely powerful air flow whilst curtailing the production of drafts.

The 650e are commonly hired for domestic properties affected by various pollutants commonly including vehicle fumes and pollen, bacterial and allergy pollution others include medical theatres, offices, laboratories, schools, nurseries, medical waiting rooms, restaurants, showrooms and factories to name but a few.

Make sure you have a happy healthy odour and bacteria free home or working environment by hiring our 650e air purifiers.

Weekly hire Rates: £100.00 per week ex vat, carriage and filter charges.


In order to insure every one of our customers receive the optimum efficiency from this range of air cleaners whenever they hire, we at CAS-Hire advice the customers that the units hired must be supported with the compulsory purchase of either or both of our two(2) brand new filtration options. In doing this the customer has peace of mind with the quality of the cleanse knowing that they have not hired a unit with pre used filters in a bid to stamp out any additional unwelcome bacterial transfers into their household or workplace.

Particle Filter

500_600-particle-filter_smallThe sublime performance of the 650E Particle filter benefits your healthcare.

This is the ideal choice for removing the maximum particulate pollutant matters such as viruses, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander and every other variety of particles. Price £99.75 ex vat per set


Smoke Stop Filter

blueair-f500600sm-20110412-lr-smallThe 650E Smoke Stop filter is designed incorporating an activated carbon, this type is recommended for rooms exposed to heavy gaseous pollutants for example fire retardant fumes, household paints, cleaning products, cigarette and cigar smoke.

The Smoke Stop filter is principally to be utilised for extraction of gaseous pollutants and secondarily for particle removal. Price £155.00 ex vat per set

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