Stylish Portable Ducted Air Conditioners for Dental Clinic

CAS-Hire London office recently won a contract to supply four (4) of our stylish portable ducted air conditioners, the VC12PT, for a dental clinic located in Oxford to maintain a comfortable temperature within their treatment rooms during our summer.

The surgery management requested VC12PT units as they offered a visually aesthetically appealing look and low operation noise level to fit in with their surgery surroundings and decor.

The VC12PT – The stylish portable ducted air conditioner

vc12pt Stylish portable ducted air conditionerAs the VC12PT units provide economical environmentally friendly cooling the practice took our six (6) week hire at £59.00 per unit per week excluding carriage with the following forty-six (46) weeks free special offer. This allows their dentists and patients to fully enjoy air conditioning control at their fingertips all year round.

Our elegant and lightweight VC12PT mobile air conditioner can be applied to a wide range of various applications. For example, hotel rooms, staff rooms, laboratories, offices, gyms, domestic bedrooms or living areas, or nursing homes.

The energy A level rated VC12PT monobloc / portable ducted type air conditioning system features Cooling, Dehumidifying/air dryer or fan only air circulation functions with variable fan speeds, thermostatic digital temperature control, timer, sleep mode, and oscillating air outlet louvers controlled from a simple to use LCD operating panel. The  VC12PT monobloc / portable ducted type air conditioner generates a cooling capacity of 12000btu or 3.5kw and has a maximum exhaust hose length of up to a maximum 3m.



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