dry out after a flood

Investment company keeps doors open after flood and server room relocation

CAS-Hire Edinburgh win dehumidification and portable ducted air conditioning hire contracts with one of the UK’s leading finance companies to quickly dry and cool working environments within their prestigious city centre offices and server rooms.

Dry out after a flood with the woods40On this occasion, CAS-Hire was contracted to provide Woods 40 dehumidifiers following a major water leak and resulting flood. CAS-Hire’s powerful yet quiet heavy-duty industrial dryers promptly dealt with the matter in hand to allow staff to keep business operating with minimal disruption.

Our Woods 40 portable Industrial dehumidifiers/building dryers are only available running off a 13amp 240v standard UK electrical supply. However, they do boast an in-built water pump and up to 8m of drain hose which can be routed to a nearby drainage point to insure constant usage without the requirement to monitor and regularly empty water storage containers daily. This high-performance steel-cased unit with tough large heavy-duty wheels is well equipped to face the UK construction site and commercial markets.

Woods 40 Industrial Dehumidifier Weekly hire rates £120.00 ex. vat and carriage

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Meanwhile in the Server Room….

Whilst the offices were drying, portable air conditioning was also requested to be supplied to retain a steady comfortable temperature within their temporarily relocated IT Server room. Based on the size of the areas and heat load calculations we advised the customers that our VC12PT models were the most suitable option to create minimal disruption within this vital hub of the business.

Our VC12PT models each produce 3.5kw of cooling from a single-phase 230v 13 amp electrical power socket /supplies. This extremely popular air conditioner is a fully enclosed internal unit with a 4″ diameter flexi duct exhaust which must be directed to a suitable external or ventilation point. The flexible ductwork is supplied and can be extended up to a 3-meter maximum length with easy to assemble push-fit connectors making setting up a relatively simple and speedy procedure to carry out.

This particular model is ideally suited to provide portable temporary reliable cooling for offices, laboratories, hotel rooms, nursing homes, pharmacies, IT server rooms, and much more.

The sleek modern and quiet portable ducted air conditioner can provide and maintain a variable temperature range from 18-38deg Celsius quickly and boasts an excellent air flow rate of 370m3/hr within a room size of 37m2. The off-white plastic-cased units are simple to operate and fully portable supported on sturdy castors.

VC12PT air conditioner Weekly hire rates £69.00 ex. vat

(Hire rates exclude carriage) (Special offers are currently available)

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